OK with the new changes here on the site leaving feedback is very simple. But the links to do it are not the most noticeable so I will tell you where they are and how easy it is to do. If you look down at the bottom left side of this Post you will see a Green Check Mark beside the Check Mark it says----

---------------------------- " Rate Buyer/Seller "---------------------------------
So when you buy or sell an item all you need to do is go to the thread where the add was that you bought or sold from. IE if you are the seller go to your add, if you are the buyer go to the sellers add you bought the item from or if it was a trade go to that add. Click on the Check Mark at the bottom left and it takes you to a page where all you need to do is list whether you were the Buyer, Seller or it was a Trade. Then rate the transaction Positive,Neutral or Negative then leave a few words about the deal. When you are done hit Submit Reply and you have left feedback.

Now I am not sure if Admin can do it but hopefully you can use this thread to see how it works by clicking on the Green Check Mark and then you can see how it works. So click the Check Mark and take a look.

We should all leave Feedback on each deal we have so that others here on the site can have an idea of who they are dealing with.

OK it seems that clicking the Check Mark doesn't work to leave feedback if the Thread/Add is your own.

I am going to explain this so people who are not very computer savvy can understand how to leave feedback. It might also be helpful to open another Tab so you can look at the directions as you follow them on the other Tab/Page, for Firefox users the plus + sign you see next to the tab with this site listed on it click it to open another tab and then in that tab come to this site. For Explorer users it is the little blank you see next to the name of the sight you are looking at click it to open another tab. What I am talking about is right above this page as you are looking at it the tabs start on the left.

So I will explain how to leave feedback for adds you have created as a buyer/seller or a trade. First thing to do is go to the thread/add and right click on the thread URL, the address of the thread/add. For those that don't know it is where you type the address of the web page or site you want to go to. When you right click it will highlight and a drop down menu will appear, hold your cursor over copy and left click it, you have copied the URL that you will need to leave feedback. Now you can go to the profile of the person you are leaving feedback for, just find a post or thread by them(should have their name in your PMs as well) click on their user name and select profile you will go to their profile page.

Now you are on their Profile page, you will see an orange box that says Visitor Messages to the left you will see the word Feedback click on it. Now you will see the persons feedback and in Bold Letters ---'Submit Feedback for (persons user name)' click on it and and go to " Deal thread URL:: (Required) " hold your cursor over the white box next to the words and right click and then click paste and you have entered the deal URL. Now use the drop down menu for "You were the:" pick the one you were in the deal then, the drop down for "Overall experience:" .. Now all you need to do is type in what you felt about the deal "A short comment: (Visible to all) " and then "Additional comments: (Visible to buyer, seller
and staff only) " after that all you need to do is hit " Submit Reply " and you have left feedback .

I have made the explanation rather long but wanted to make sure most everyone could follow the directions. It is a lot easier then all that typing may make it seem.

We should all leave feedback and it only takes a few minutes to do, you can practice in this thread by picking any add here and copying it IE right click the URL then come here and practice using the feedback system. Or if you still have trouble PM me or a Classifieds MOD who will do their best to help. I hope this explains it well enough for you...Randy

Thanks to AT member ravensgait for taking the time a creating this tutorial!