Lately, there has been an issue with members selling item(s) and providing their PayPal address to several members at the same time. The intention is to see who pays first and the member who does gets the item(s). The seller then has to issue refunds. This has caused a headache for the Classifieds Mods/Admin team on AT and will not be looked at lightly. If you do this, be prepared to receive negative feedback from members and Classifieds privileges revoked. You should always go by the first member that says they will buy the item(s). The time and date stamp on a PM is valuable when it comes to this. Allow the other member at least 24 to respond or pay for the item(s) unless other arrangements are made.

If you have any questions regarding the matter, please PM a Classifieds Mod/Admin for assistance.

Best regards,
Classifieds Administrator