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  1. Traders Blacklist <-- Research Before Dealing

    This thread will be update as more bad deals arise, please check it frequently.

    These are the names and last known address, the address may have changed over the years.

    Do not deal with:

    Harry L. Shultz Jr. of Danville PA

    His previous screen name was:
    [COLOR=DarkRed]wildcat archery[/C OLOR]


    Donavan Clary Norman or Purcell

    recent screen name was Man o man formerly Oklahoma Longbeard

    May be in Oklahoma


    Will Smith from Ocola Fl.

    Screen name silver24


    Chris Huckeby
    forum name Turbocharged from Purcell, Ok.


    Lisa Carriero
    201 Irving PL
    Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-3086
    (908) 217-2694


    Chris Mayfield or Cecil Fischer
    170 Daughters Lane
    Jackson, Missouri 63755
    ph# 573-979-0941


    Adam Bernardy
    4311 Thru St.
    St. Cloud MN 56303

    "Adam Bernardy"


    Robert Andrew Gratson

    Dunbar, Pa. 15431
    ph# 724 277-8099


    Glenn Barnes
    screen name: bushhogg
    Location: Somewhere in Texas
    Cell 214-543-3468 or 972-875-5150
    Glenn Barnes
    2008 Floyd St.
    Ennis, Tx 75119


    128 Brunswick Lane
    Mesquite, Texas



    Lozano, Blasmore
    9732 Espada Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78214
    (210) 627-2248


    Jake Wright
    2201 E Somerset Place
    Sioux falls, SD 57104


    Jamie Coldiron
    1875 Heather Ridge Rd
    Crittenden KY 41030


    Hoytshooter2004 ( Mackie Horn)

    Do not deal with this guy.



    Billy Pennington
    3775 Hayes St
    Wayne, MI 48184-1930

    Do not deal with ever.


    RJ Foor
    apt A
    1005 Linda CT.
    Altoona PA. 16602-6916


    Chris Chance
    10001 Charleswood Rd.
    Louisville, KY 40229


    Chris Cirrillo
    Seneca Falls, NY 13148.


    Kyle Goss
    P.O. Box 126
    Edinboro, PA 16412


    Korey Warner
    1101 Cornell Rd.
    Kokomo, In.

    Justin & Barbra Jackson
    Strattanville or Clarion Pa.


    Michael Wiseman
    PO Box 774
    Taylorsville N.C. 28681
    home # 828-635-8949



    FORT EDWARD,NY 12828


    Andrew Rainbolt
    1515 Maple Ct
    New Albany, IN 47150


    Ryan Johnson



    Rick Koontz
    1 Ryan Ct
    Nanuet, NY 10954


    John Norman
    Eric Wein
    3118 N 76th Apt#1,
    Milwaukee, Wi 53222

    big buck country WI


    Steve Diffenderfer
    po box 103
    43 South street
    Belfast, New York 14711

    Ted Butler
    60 Schwartz Rd.
    Elma ,NY 14059


    Zack Lewis
    11897 hwy F 62 E
    Sully IA 50251


    Jeremy Wiggins
    PO Box 1573
    Great Falls, MT 59403


    Jeremy wigness
    15395 400TH ST
    North Branch MN 55056...

    Do not deal with this member!!
    Kenneth Reynolds
    107 Samuetta Ln.
    Amherst Va. 24521


    Jayme Grundy
    244 Duvall Chapel Lane (he may have moved recently)
    Greenville,KY 42345


    Todd Dertien

    Grand Rapids, MI.

    Scott Garrett
    Newcastle, OK


    4501 38TH AVE
    NEW BRIGHTON, PA 15066

    (724) 846-3734

    Hoytman 256

    Steven Mason




    Gerald Humber
    alexander city


    Mark LaVrar
    9165 Takelma Way
    Kelseyville, CA 95451


    Tim Roseberry
    157 boulevard
    peru,in 46970

    Jeremy Robertson
    314 West 6th Street
    Bicknell,IN. 47512



    Ralph Jacobs
    9366 south bright star trail
    Hereford arizona 85615


    Username Sonic_bow_press

    Roger Bignell
    1720 E 5th St.
    Fremont, NE 68025


    Roger has taken many members' money and taken months to deliver or often not delivered product at all.

    His real name is...

    Dustin Hampton
    160 dena Ct.
    Troy, Mo. 63379

    Adam Lee


    Matt Jacobs
    E.Ellis Rd.
    Bloomington, IN 47408
    Clayton Wilkinson
    119 aaron dr
    shelby, nc 28152


    Ben Selman (ben6deerhunter)

    Ben Selman
    Gulfshores, AL

    Placed on black list for taking money and equipment and never shipping items on his end.

    Jeremy Evan
    Jeremy Wingness
    Jeremy Barnes

    Pine City, MN

    St. Paul area of Minnesota and Great Falls, Montana

    Avoid dealings with
    Chris Jones or Erin Sullivan
    Massapequa, NY
    or general area

    Black Listed for blatant deception of members and moderators.

    Art Champoux
    Dover NH

    Patrick Herndon

    Hamlet NC


    Several usernames...3dThunder, Ballistic1971, 12downlow.

    Could also use the name Jeffery Wayne or Tonya Ratliff. Or another mailing address.

    Jeff W. Ratliff
    P.o. Box 546
    Oakwood, Va. 24631



    Tom Kessel
    641 clearview Heights
    Charleston, wv, 25312

    Terry Hauf username: burwell
    627 1/2 D Street
    Burwell, NE 68823

    Several usernames **3dGirl** Shootnal1, 3d wanna be

    Eugene & Stephanie Bowles
    779 Caddo Hwy
    Caddo, Ok. 74729
    or Durant OK


    Jeff W. Ratliff
    P.O. Box 546
    Oakwood, Va. 24631
    Or any other name at this address.

    DO NOT deal with[/SIZE]

    Andrew E Osborne November 1972
    8 Summer St.
    Brewer, Maine 04412

    Tyson Beggs
    804 Royal St.
    Caldwell, Idaho 83605

    Kim Vosper
    142 Mountain Rd
    Wind Gap PA 18091

    User Name = wilkersonhunter
    Chris A. Wilkerson
    381 Snake Creek Rd | Columbia, KY 42728

    Alfred Giannini Jr aka Fred Gianni
    1205 Vernon St.
    Bridgewater MA.

    Heath Edwards

    460 Heather Marie Drive
    Hendersonville, NC 28792

    sssportsman and carpbow
    More info to follow.....

    Josh Hamilton
    User name = ARROWS&ANTLERS
    3300 Grand Falls Blvd.
    Maineville Oh. 45039

    Took a members $300 and still has his bow. Deal made in December




    Delmas Cornett
    Michael Cornett-Currently lives in Cantwell Alaska
    Chris Cornett
    Kim Cornett

    361 Chad Yard Rd
    Cumberland, KY
    possible cell for father Delmas 606-589-2314

    Deal not deal with them. Sold items to several members and never shipped.
    Michael now works in Alaska and sold items to pay for his airfare. Suspect items were also pawned for money instead of shipping as promised


    Do not deal with ramhunter1 and other various alters
    Real name
    Michael Roe
    2911 Hawkeye Ave.
    Callender, IA. 50523
    Lives with Cindy McDonald or Cindy McDonnell.
    Known scammer on ArcheryTalk and he creates new user names to get around his bans.

    email -


    Do not deal with Trout13
    Ken Edwards po box 47
    Delhi Ontario Canada n4b2w8


    Do Not Deal with:Jordan Amon
    2301 Purple Martin Ln.
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Username(s):jca,jayclay


    Mike Stefano
    Known Paypal accounts

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    In Mossy Oak with Vortex

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