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  1. Please Welcome Tom Turgeon
  2. Welcome Tom
  3. Where does one get Ipe and how much should it cost?
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  11. wgat part of the ELB is round
  12. oak or birch for a longbow/selfbow
  13. Bbi handle wood
  14. Burl woods for risers?
  15. hickory, maple, or red oak
  16. Fiberglass Failure on Self Build
  17. Would this basic plan wprk to make a bow
  18. Preferred stain type for finishing a bow
  19. Static recurve bamboo ipe.
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  22. Help
  23. Will I damage my bow if I....
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  27. glass backing on hickory
  28. cedar tri lam
  29. Limb Design/Tillering
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  31. Determining Tension in Bow Wood
  32. "Why Bamboo Backing?"
  33. lamination thickness
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  36. will sanding glass/wood limb cause delamination?
  37. Micarta for Riser Material
  38. Black Bear Conversion
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  40. New to archery and need help please
  41. Is red oak a good selfbow wood
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  43. limb length vs draw weight question, bear with me please.
  44. Any Bowyers in Canada? Suppliers?
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