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September 3rd, 2009, 05:30 PM
Hello everyone!

I just found out from the outfitter I am guiding for (Rocky Heckman of Montana Safaris Outfitters...www.montanasafari that he has a few cancellations on his late season mule deer/elk hunts in the
Bob Marshal Wilderness. He is willing to discount
the hunt from $3,500 to approximately $2,500 - $2,900, depending on details that should be discussed between you and him. You will have a guaranteed outfitter-sponsored mule deer buck and either sex elk permit that you can buy after you book the hunt.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity as it is otherwise impossible to get any Montana permits as a nonresident unless you apply for a lottery by March, and even then it is not guaranteed that you will draw the permits to hunt elk and deer in the general season like this. If you are interested, you need to email me at or call Rocky or his wife Lorell at 406-466-2004 and book the hunt. There are two sets of dates available: October 24 -October 31 or November 23 - November 30. That is the first and the last weeks of the general season.

I used this site extensively as a young hunter and really appreciated all the insight I gained from many of you and the postings I read. Without hesitation, I can say that my hunting skills and success have improved significantly from this site. I even met one of my best hunting partneres on here and took him on a successful antelope archery hunt without even knowing him in person! Therefore, it was an easy choice to post this opportunity on here for the site users to take advantage of. I had to create a new login a couple years ago because I forgot my original one, so I understand that my history and credibility is not supported by the real number of posts I have had. However, I am an avid and accomplished hunter (for my age: 23) and I wouldn't be guiding for Rocky if he didn't have a top notch operation. Realistically, you should expect to get into some decent bulls (260-320 class), with the best potential being for a 350 or 360 bull. included two photos: one of an average bull that you could shoot and one of the biggest bull killed out of this camp last year. Rocky's hunters have seen and taken a handful of those big bulls in this area over the years. The mule deer trophy quality is exceptional. You will have to hunt hard, cover some ground, and pass up on some decent bucks, but this wilderness area is well-known for the heavy-horned, dark-antlered, big-bodied 160-200 class mule deer that hide out in the high country of the 1.6 million acres of wilderness and move out onto the Rocky Mountain Front to rut and winter. attached a picture of a typical "shooter" buck...although you can get even bigger if you hold out. The monster buck I shot last year was rutting on the Front after it came out of this wilderness area we hunt. As mentioned in the heading, there is also a potential to see wolves and black bears (as well as grizzlies, which is why I carry a Ruger Blackhawk .45 colt), so those two tags can be purchased as add-ons for no additional charge to the hunt itself. I already bought my wolf tag :)

I confidently stand by everything I have said here, and you can expect to see me in camp and get to know me personally if you book this hunt. In fact, I can probably even arrange it with Rocky so that I am your guide for the duration of the hunt.

To give a little background about myself, I grew up in Cut Bank, Montana, hunting and fishing with my father until I was in my teens, when he couldn't get around as well. I began bowhunting when I was 15, and before I left for college I had killed 3 antelope and 4 elk with my bow, as well as several 160"+ muley bucks and a 163" whitetail. Last year during my senior year of college, I managed to make it home during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and once in April... long enough to kill a 193" 8 x 5 mule deer, a whitetail doe, a mule deer doe, a 150 lb 8'6" mountain lion, 3 limits of pheasants, and a 2 mature gobblers. I did all of this on my own public land do-it-yourself hunts...which is what I prefer. I attended Colorado State University on full academic scholarship and graduated this past May with a B.S. in Biomedial Sciences. I am currently trying to decide between applying to medical school and pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery or ER medicine and pursuing a career as an outfitter myself...definitely quite contrasting options!

I'm not sure how long these hunts will take to book up, as there are only 4-6 spots available, so I would look into this ASAP if you are interested.

Happy hunting,