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November 3rd, 2009, 10:09 AM
here lately i have been reading thread after thread about people having stands stolen from them. THAT REALLY SUCKS!!! Its a shame that us hunters can't stick together with all the contro that the anti's come up with. we should all be working together. kinda makes me sick....:pukey:

now i hope i don't catch much heat but it seems like in all these stolen stands threads, these stands are being stolen from PUBLIC ground.

I'm sorry but with the economy as f'd up as it is and people struggling to find jobs / keep they're present jobs do you guys really expect your expensive stufff out there to NOT grow legs?

i know we all like to hope for the best and we all like to think that there are still decent people out there but let's face it, there few and far between!

i guess the point i'm trying to make is if i were to leave an expensive trail cam, lock on, blind, ladder stand, hell anything on public ground for a period of time than i would expect it to get stolen.

i know everyone can't afford high dollar equipment but it would be worth it to save a little and just tote a climber in and out. PROBLEM SOLVED. and FYI... i bought a Summit 180 last nite at bass pro for an amazing $199.99. pretty good deal i thought.