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November 8th, 2009, 09:57 PM
I dont know how many of you guys know there is a website called newmexicoarchery.com and has a place to post your shoots and hs forums to get to talk to fellow NM shooters. They also host a Series that is pretty cool the only way it could be better is if it had a sanctioning body to work with. They shoot by IBO rules mostly I think. But the site was started by the Locke Family and they are great people and put on great shoots in Ruidoso. So If you are ever finished with this site and still have some time check them out post some hunting stories and lets have some talk with locals.

November 9th, 2009, 05:10 PM
Ill have to check that out. Thanks for the info.

November 9th, 2009, 07:33 PM
Thanks. I'll hop over and take a look.

November 9th, 2009, 07:41 PM
Sweet!!! I will check it out!!!!