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November 27th, 2009, 04:15 PM
Any of you guys around crime bluff decide you need any supplies don't waste your time on this waste of space. I have finally got burnt the last time today on their sales. Every time they have one they never have in stock what they have advertised. I've been in there first thing in the morning, no go; middle of the day, and at closing time: every time out of stock or only have them some oddball size. Their 2 day sale (today and tomorrow) and not a single thing they say they have in stock but more than happy to have you look at something higher priced. That is if you can finally get any service from the poor overworked high school kid working the department. Funny thing everytime this has happened to me (yes more than 3 times now) it clearly states in the ad paper no rain checks. Almost like they have it planned.

Heres some the main problems I got.

You opened the store and had great prices for the area, once you gain popularity you jacked the prices up to where its cheaper to drive to little rock, buy the same item, and drive home. Thats sad the way gas prices are. Great way to crap on our loyalty.

You hired high school kids that have no idea about the products they are in charge of and half the time no idea where they are in the store. Maybe a lil training is in order instead of worrying about cute girls making the sale alone.

You keep running sales yet never have the items in stock, if you do its in some oddball size nobody could ever wear, or a color nobody wants. How about you get somebody in charge of ordering stock that understands a sale means people are gonna be in there wanting the item so they make sure there is enough stock. A 2 day sale and the only stock you have in every boot I asked about was size 11 or 13 mens, it was only 4 hours into the first day of the sale. I had to have asked about 4-6 different pairs and brands.

You have a sale in a department and only have one kid working the day of the sale. I feel sorry for the kid cause I have worked retail and I know the customers take it out on them cause management is idiots.

Sad cause I really liked the bow shop and the guy running it is great. If the management can't run the store any better I'm sure to drive the extra 40 minutes to little rock and find people that know how to run a hunting supply store. If any of you guys wear extra small coats, 4X pants, and 11/13 size boots you need to go hit them up. They had some pretty good prices on them.

November 27th, 2009, 04:26 PM
I would not give Hunters Refuge my business if they were the closest place within a 3 hour drive & thats not because of your post but my personal experience with them.

November 27th, 2009, 04:50 PM
I would not give Hunters Refuge my business if they were the closest place within a 3 hour drive & thats not because of your post but my personal experience with them.

Well unless you want gangster clothes, 20 inch rims, or simply robbed walking in the shopping for this area is limited.

This was the last time I go there.

December 7th, 2009, 12:15 PM
The guy that runs the bow shop is great. They have some items that are high priced, but I've found that 80% or more of the items I look at are the same price or cheaper as in LR or Bass Pro. I can tell you from past experience you don't show up 4 hours late to one of their sales and expect to get what you were looking for. I showed up an hour early one year to one of their sales and I was about 10th in line to get in the door. With that being said, my dad went in there around 10-11am, they opened at 8am, on the first day of their last 2 day sale and got the exact pair of Muck's he wanted in a size 9. My only bad experiences with them are dealing with the hs kids that said for a month they were getting women's under armour in cold gear in only to never have it arrive and the older blonde lady that seems to run the show is sometimes super nice and other times very short and rude.