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: Turkey hunting in Big Cypress swamp

December 1st, 2009, 10:27 AM
Greetings all,

Well my deer season sadly in pretty much over and I am turning my attention to the spring. I have never turkey hunted before but this coming year that will change. I put in for the quota WMA turkey hunts closest to my home here in Cape Coral, but seeing how I didnt draw squat for deer I aint holding my breath on that panning out.

Big Cypress Swamp has a no quota turkey season. I hunted deer there this year (might get out there again a few more times for deer) with no success but covered a good bit of ground. First time hunting there was this year. Saw only three turkeys in 6 day trips down there.

I am looking for advice on turkey hunting there this spring. Is it crowded? Is there a decent turkey population? Basically I am looking for any and all infromation/advice you might have. I am going it alone so any information is appreciated. I have a 4-wheel drive but no ATV or buggy so I will be walking in and out. Thanks alot in advance.