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January 6th, 2010, 08:08 PM
Guys I am conducting a poll to see what kind of support the suggested regulation changes have or do not have. I'll post the results on the AGFC board for you guys to see. You will be able to view the board here & submit comments as well.

Well I do not know how to do a poll and allow you guys to vote on each individual topic so please list 1-17 in your replies & either yes or no to each suggested regulation change. I will compile results and submit the overall numbers for us.

1. Restrict baiting and feeding of wildlife from March 1-Aug. 1 with the exception of high-fence enclosures or within 150 yards of an occupied residence.

2. Increase the doe archery bag limit in zones 2, 6, 6A, 7, 8, 8A and 10 from two does to three does.

3. Increase the doe archery bag limit in zones 1 and 1A from two does to four does.

4. Increase the doe muzzleloader and modern gun bag limit in zones 1 and 1A from one doe to two does and increase muzzleloader either-sex days from five days to 12 days.

5. Extend the modern gun deer season for zone 13 by one week (Nov. 13-Dec. 19), and move the second portion of muzzleloader season to Dec. 29-31.

6. Allow hunters 65 and older to participate in the January statewide special youth deer season if accompanying a youth hunter.

7. Remove the zone doe quota permit requirement on Winona WMA and allow one doe to be harvested during the first five days of muzzleloader season or during the first two days of modern gun season.

8. Eliminate check sheets on WMAs, national wildlife refuges and DMAP clubs. All checked harvest will be online or by telephone. Log books for biological data recording will be distributed to WMAs, NWRs and DMAP clubs.

9. Require the display of hunter orange on all sides of ground blinds during deer modern gun and muzzleloader seasons. Hunter orange should be at least 144 square inches on each side and a minimum of 3 feet above the ground.

10. Does harvested on Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area (east unit) will count toward a hunter’s bag limit.

11. Change the legal buck definition on Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area (east unit) – a buck must have an inside spread of 15 inches or more or have at least one main beam at least 18 inches long.

12. Increase the deer bag limit on Moro Big Pine Natural Area WMA to two legal bucks or up to five does for permit hunts and archery season.

13. Remove the leased land permit requirement on Moro Big Pine Natural Area WMA.

14. Increase the deer bag limit in zone 12 from four to five, with no more than two bucks or up to five does.

15. Remove the list of deer zones and areas that may contribute to the four-deer bag limit and allow hunters to harvest up to the full statewide bag limit, provided they don’t exceed the limit for an individual deer zone or WMA.

16. Allow holders of a $10.50 Resident Wildlife Conservation License to harvest their one deer during any deer season with any legal weapon.

17. Convert the two one-day muzzleloader permit hunts into one two-day muzzleloader permit hunt on Camp Robinson WMA.

January 6th, 2010, 09:57 PM