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September 10th, 2004, 03:46 PM
I've been told that it's not a good idea to shoot back tension outdoor due to wind. Is this true and if not please explain.



September 10th, 2004, 06:49 PM
Some of the best archers in the world shoot a BT release for FITA.

While one may be able to punch a trigger release and with luck gain a few points on a windy day, the advantages of a BT release far outway any disadvantages IMHO.

Travis VanDaele
September 11th, 2004, 10:28 AM
Your going to get many opions on this one, Myself I shoot a hinge style back tension release, no clik, indoors, outdoors, everything including hunting. To me there is no difference if a person is shooting a release properly.

Outdoors in windy conditions I just make strong shots, pull through when the sight picture is right, once you are use to shooting a back tension release it should be no problem.

probably depends a bit on why a person chooses to shoot a backtension release.For me I mess up a bit with a thumb trigger, and it gets worse on windy days, so I actually shoot better scores on windy days with a back tension. I am more patient with back tension and the temptation to dump the shoot is not there like a thumb trigger.

Personally I think that if i were to shoot my best The thumb trigger would be worth a few extra points on a fita, but the back tension gives me a lot more consistency, especially in a tournament. I can be nervous or whatever, and that release wont let me down.

September 12th, 2004, 10:55 AM
Anyone else have an opinion on this?

September 12th, 2004, 01:10 PM

I basically am in the same boat as Travis.....I use the Carter Atention 2 with a hinge, no click for indoor and outdoor FITA. I have shot in pretty windy conditions this past season at the Texas Shootout and some days at US Nationals in Reading PA. I use to shoot a thumb trigger release but switched to a non-trigger release for learning how utilizing back tension should feel and I just got so use to the non-trigger, I stuck with it.

As with anything is personal preference. Try just might like it. ;)


Brad Rega
September 12th, 2004, 02:11 PM
Back tension is great for FITA and works great in the wind as long as you do not tense up and are not afraid to let the shot go. IT will take some practice but you will get it. It took me a year to get it and even now it is still not 100%. I was able to shoot a 342 at 70M the second half at the arizona cup in perhaps the worst wind I have ever shot in. I was totally off the leader board and moved up to 6th. The only person who gained on me the second half was dave cousins by 1 point. Shooting this well in high winds proved to me once and for all that you can shoot back tension in the wind. It just takes some time to figure it out as well as trust in your shot.

The worst type of wind to shoot in is when it is gusty and you can not hold in any one spot for any amount of time. At this point you have to forget about hitting the 10. Just pick a point and get that arrow of when you get there. the wind will do the rest of the work. just cross your fingers. The more you try the harder it will be to shoot well in the wind.

September 12th, 2004, 02:16 PM
I wouldn't leave home without my backtension. I find that the tension, which is developed and held throughout the shot with my backtension, helps me hold even steadier when shooting 70M rounds in the wind.

September 15th, 2004, 01:50 AM
While I shoot a Trigger these days I shoot it the same as a BT release aid and in the wind do quite well if I squeeze the shot off properly. BT or trigger the key is to shoot fast but shoot properly. (no punching, ripping or jerking!)