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February 7th, 2010, 10:59 AM
All the particulars are not lined up yet but I want to gauge interest. Some of this info is subject to change, particularly if I don't get enough hunters for the lease. PM me if interested.

Bamberg Bow & Gun Club (South Carolina)

This is a trophy deer hunting club with a long bow season and a short rifle season. Our land has been managed for big buck hunting and little human pressure for quite some time. It is our intention to form a club quite unlike any other in South Carolina. Our emphasis is on archery and the special challenges it presents but we will allow members to gun hunt in the late season. When most South Carolina clubs are seeing less and less deer in the daytime, our rifle season will just be starting up. Our land is under highly reputable lowcountry hunting service with a solid national reputation. It has not been overhunted or overharvested!

1. MEMBERSHIP: $2,500 per member. Deer and Hog Only. A membership includes spouse and children under eighteen, plus three (3) guest visits per season. Guests must accompany the actual member and hunt the same block. Guest kills count towards a memberís total. Be sure all family members and any guests adhere to our buck restrictions. Food plots, feeders, and late-season club rifle stands are in place and covered with membership fee.

2. THE HUNT: One block per member per day. Any family member or guest you have on the property must hunt the same block as you. Do not hunt the same block two days in a row. Do not hunt the same block more than twice in one week. Log-in when you arrive and when you leave, stating which block you are hunting. Stay out of any block you are not signed-in for. Record your kill and a hunt summary whether you kill or not (where you hunted, what you saw) before you leave. All hunters are strongly advised to hunt travel routes rather than right over the feeders. Bow only from August 15th to November 20th. Club gun stands are in place for late season hunting. ATVís are for animal retrieval only. Absolutely no joyriding. You may leave a stand in a certain block with the understanding that anyone may use it. No nails, no screw-in steps.

3. THE HARVEST: Each hunter may kill two bucks, three does, and three hogs. Family and guest kills count towards your harvest. Our buck restrictions are eight points or better with a fifteen inch spread. Take extra care not to kill a button-buck when hunting antlerless deer.

4. THE LODGING: Clean up after yourself at the camp. You will need to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag, and towels, as well as your own food and beverages. Take your trash with you when you leave.