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August 16th, 2010, 06:39 AM

Well, I don't much like the news/press/media to begin with, they are pretty much "community agitators" IMO because they just try to get everyone all whipped up into a frenzy mostly with some agenda behind that messaging.

I absolutely blame them, and those in Federal Gov't, for CREATING the "oil leak disaster in the gulf of Mexico", when all along the problems were very acute to the site of the leak itself and ZERO/NO problems elsewhere --- all of which caused serious negative economic impact to the businesses and communities around the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, if you watched CNN then you'd believe a giant oil slick had engulfed the enitre region. I even had friends so worried about the message from the media that they thought of cancelling their vacation to the keys!

Anyway, this story: "Panther TERRORIZES" Naples Family...." is just a DUMB title/headline name. Sorry, animals don't understand how to "terrorize" anyone as they are not that smart. Now, they know how to kill and eat their prey, and in this case a panther killed a domestic animal, but that is because they are predators. THAT is what this stories messaging SHOULD be, but unfortunately it's not.

I can understand the landowner and the concern of the neighborhood, and personally, the FWC really seems to be very unaffected, even lazy about dealing with this --- essentially, the story is that relocating the animal just won't work. They give FWC two sentences in the story, yet this is such a rare event...

August 16th, 2010, 08:38 AM
I have to agree with you on the news sensationalizing things way too much. I've watched many times on how things close to where I live were in a disaster mode and I'm out looking for it only to find nothing close to what they are showing. Thye really blow things out of proportion to what they really are