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September 1st, 2010, 03:29 PM
“The Science of Scent Control”
Jeff Batula
Hoyt/Easton Pro-Staff

If you were to poll 100 serious bowhunter’s and ask them what has been the number one factor, that over the years have cost them the ability to get a shot off at an approaching big game animal, I can assure you that better than 90% of them would tell you that somehow the game animal picked up on the human odor that each of us carries into the woods each time we hunt, ultimately resulting in a spooked animal and a busted hunt. With the archery season upon us, I am hopeful and confident that you have done your homework in the field, have your arrows flying true, and your stands in place. So rather than provide another article on “how to” tactics for the upcoming bow season, I want to take the number one Bowhunter issue head on in this article…. “The evil task of scent control”.

It was only about 15 years ago, that your only tactic to eliminate scent was to wash your clothes with baking soda, shower in scent free soap, and throw on your stiff charcoal lined noisy suit. Advance 15 years and it is very easy to be highly overwhelmed by all of the scent free suits, soaps, sprays and mechanical units guaranteeing 100% scent free hunting. Unfortunately, most of us have found out the hard way that no matter what steps we have taken prior to our bowhunt, an approaching deer from downwind was a disaster in the making. Unfortunately as a result of this frustration, many bowhunter’s scaled back their scent elimination procedures and ultimately were left just focusing on stand placement and location based on prevailing winds and the risky tactic of crossing their fingers. So here we sit in the fall of 2010 preparing once again to rely on crossed fingers as our number one scent control system as we begin our quest for big game.

But hold on….I have great news to report! That is all about to change…. I feel almost like the Santa Claus of September, about to deliver the best gift that you have ever received as it relates to scent elimination. If you have not yet heard of the LOG6 Ozone Generating system just released this Summer, then sit up straight, grab a pencil and paper, take a few notes and race off to your local Archery shop and finally, once and for all, end the scent control nightmare!

ECO3 Outdoors has finally done what so many other companies have attempted to do over the past several years, and that is to produce a low cost, portable, ozone generating system that will become your most critical bowhunting tool, next to your bow, your arrows and your broadheads. Many of you are most likely aware of this new technology, based on a few products hitting the market over the past couple of years. Unfortunately upon closer review, you found then to be very expensive, very large, and requiring constant maintenance to keep them functioning at their highest level, so you walked away from this high tech scent elimination option.

What if I now was able to report that there was a brand new unit on the market called the LOG6, that would cost you less than $100.00, require no maintenance, unconditionally guaranteed for one full year, was very portable, measuring only 8” by 12” and 4” thick, and in 30 minutes could eliminate 100% of the bacteria causing micro organisms that are currently throughout your hunting clothes, boots and equipment. I know that this sounds too good to be true, but I am going on record to confirm that it is 100% fact! I have been experimenting with this new unit over the past 4 weeks, and I assure you that no matter what you throw into your airtight container including old smelly sneakers, gas covered rags, 30 minutes later they are 100% scent free. That is fact, not some tricky advertising campaign.

And the LOG6 system could not be easier to use. Allow me to run you through the process; First, purchase the LOG6, and either purchase a large air tight container with lid, or purchase the “Death Chamber” system that is also offered by ECO3 Outdoors, that has an aluminum frame system and large containment bag that will house your entire outfit, boots, backpack, bow and any other “must have” gadgets that you carry into your stand. No matter your choice, the LOG6 unit comes with a hose and connector system to connect the compact ozone producing unit to the interior of your tote or Death Chamber bag system. Once you have the containment system ready, you load it with your clothing, create air pockets between the clothing pieces, plug it in, turn the dial on the front to 30 minutes and you have just created the most scent free pile of clothing and gear that you have ever worn or carried into the woods.

The only thing that won’t fit into the container or bag is you, so you will still need to shower properly prior to hunting, do you best to eliminate sweating on your way to your stand, you will still spray yourself down with scent spray as you approach you stand location, and at that point suit up with the clothing that you carried in, in your scent free backpack. I also recommend buying one of the scent free chewing gums on the market to remove that element of odor as well. As a result of this new simple to use, and bulletproof process, you will finally, once and for all, be climbing into your stand confident and virtually invisible to the deer’s super sensitive nose.

I do believe that you still need to look at scent elimination as a multi step process, utilizing scent free soaps, scent free carbon clothing, scent free sprays, and a “carry in” practice, that does not have you suiting up until you are almost to your stand location. Bottom line, your previous tactics still remain in place, the difference maker will be the LOG6 advantage that will come in over the top to eliminate all of the bacteria causing molecules that all of your other scent elimination failed to remove.

As we all know, bowhunting the New England states can be a very challenging and a very time consuming sport to say the least. You truly owe it to yourself and to your starving family to begin returning from the hunt with game in hand, rather than the sad stories that you have been telling for so many years of being busted over scent related issues. You are pursuing a game animal with an incredible sense of smell, so shouldn’t scent control be your number one tactic as you prepare to enter the woods? The most expensive bow, the best arrows, the best broadheads, a state of the art treestand and a $300.00 carbon suit all combined mean nothing if you can’t get the deer or game animal of choice within shooting range based on human odor overtaking your secret spot!

Bowhunting is a very challenging and a very complex under taking, but ultimately that is why we love this sport better than any other. But never forget that it is a sport made up of multiple components that must all be in place to tip the scales in your favor each fall. Isn’t it time to remove crossed fingers as your number one tactic, and replace it with a total skill-set that will result in consistent success??

Make this a fall to remember………….Best of luck as you enter the woods as Mr. “Invisible”!