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October 31st, 2010, 10:02 PM
Shot the coyote at 3 pm Saturday evening. Had only been in stand a minute or two and wasn't ready when he came in. Didn't even have the window up and had to shoot through this crack.

He was 35 yards and I hit him a little far back for the angle, even tho it looks pretty good on the pic. He was quartered to me a little bit. Pretty sure it still got the back of his lungs, and destroyed the liver to the guts. If you were a coyote it came out of him where your belly button is. He was dragging guts for about 3 or 4 feet and got some wrapped around a tree. I didn't see it but I guess he bit them off to get free. The 2 blade Rage and Pearson Legend sent him about 40 yards before he piled up. Found the arrow, and the broadhead just needs sharpened.

The 'yotes got me back though.

At 4:50 this little six point came in and checked a scrape in the edge of the foodplot. He gave me a broadside shot at 30 yards and I couldn't pass it up. I put the 30 dead on his heart and then punched the trigger I guess. I hit kind of high and back. At first I decided to give him til 8pm and then go look. I decided not to as I figured he was able to jump fence and go to badly ice storm damaged timber about 100 yards away down hill. My grandpa said "he was hurt to bad to jump the fence and the coyotes will get him if you don't go tonight". Listen to your grandpas. I decided to wait til this morning and got there at 7:30. Blood was dark and thick with no foam and no guts. I'm guessing liver and he's dead. Blood sucked at first but picked up about 40 yards in. Deer was dead at 70 (right at the fence-coudln't jump it) and demolished by coyotes. I but the hide back trying to salvage at least one meal and there wasn't one bite. I called the bowhunting game warden down the road from me and he said don't tag. I drug the carcass to a field across the road that I can see when I pull up to our land. I'm carried the .257 roberts up with me tonight but there was only a buzzard. My grandpa is gonna drive up there in the morning and look for yotes with his .243. I saw 6 coyotes in the field the carcass is in 3 weekends ago. I got a shot at one at 48yards that evening (straight on shot) and shot about 4 inches left. Didn't see a thing tonight in a different spot.

On a good note, at the 13 acres here where my house is I had at least one never before seen buck both fri and sat nights. I didn't get to check it last night but i'm going to before work tommorow. I know when I got home and took camo off outside that a deer started blowing at me and the cam flashed (can barely see flash form porch). I know it wasn't a doe. They know me and watch me feed corn to them a lot of times. I had a really nice buck there sat night. I'm hoping to get some daytime pics of him or at least keep him around every night.

October 31st, 2010, 10:03 PM

November 1st, 2010, 11:43 AM
Grandpa went on mtn today and didn't see any coyotes, but saw the big ten chasing does. They crossed the county road in front of him and went from our land to my cousins (which I can also hunt). I hope he comes back though because the ice storm damage is so bad that you can't hardly hunt anywhere except for where we have been been working on cleaning it up.

November 1st, 2010, 11:44 AM
I think i've got coyote fever more than buck fever. I'm dreaming of killing more of them more than the big buck--something's wrong:confused: