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View Full Version : So my Sitka gear is hear. Now what?

November 4th, 2010, 10:26 PM
I received my Sitka gear today. I got the Stratus jacket and bib, Kelvin vest and pants, the base layers and gloves and hats and crap all in forest pattern for tree stand hunting. I really dont know what to think about this stuff. The whole package came in a box that was probably 18"x12"x5" just to give an idea of how thin this stuff is. I put it all on and I def think I should return vest and get the jacket if I keep it. But I just dont know if this stuff is really going to be that warm.

I mean the stuff fits good but I just dont see it being that warm. And it doesnt seem all that durable. I walk through stickers and briars a lot and it just seems like it will tear the F out of it.

Has anybody ever dried this gear in a dryer? It says hang dry but that just takes so long.

Does anybody else make camo with the optifade pattern? I really like the camo.

November 4th, 2010, 10:56 PM
I am not real happy with mine. The briars tore mine up real good this past weekend .Not as durable as i would have thought.

November 4th, 2010, 11:29 PM
I better just return this stuff then. The only thing that is 100% to happen when walking to or from my stands in the dark is I end up right in the middle of a brier patch.

November 4th, 2010, 11:52 PM
dont return it without trying it. Its a whole heck of a lot warmer than it actually looks and feels.

November 5th, 2010, 12:06 AM
dont return it without trying it. Its a whole heck of a lot warmer than it actually looks and feels.

If I try it Im not going to be able to return it. I just dont think this can handle the briers. I kinda bunged my hand up in a fist fight with a trespasser today so I dont even know if im going to be able to shoot right for a little while.

November 5th, 2010, 12:19 AM
Haha Whaaaat??!!!

Well, did you take him or what? Story please.

And as for the Sitka gear, I had the exact same concerns when I first got mine but stuck with it anyway. I've got the 90% jacket and ascent pants and I will say the material is much warmer than I thought it would be- especially the 90% jacket. It cuts the majority of the wind, so it's good for this time of year, but not super warm without layers underneath. BUT, I have pulled more than a couple loops in my pants walking through briers. Everywhere I hunt is covered up with them. Makes me wonder how well they would hold up for a couple seasons, or, say out west. Overall, I really like it though- the Optifade is awesome. It's been actually noticeable to me how much more movement I can get away with. A-

November 5th, 2010, 12:19 AM
It won't handle the briars well at all. I love it for early season as it is quiet and comfortable. The base layers aren't bad but IMO they still aren't warm enough for cold weather stand hunting. I haven't tried the Kelvin stuff, so I can't comment on that.

November 5th, 2010, 05:23 AM
I LOVE my Celsius outfit but it does HATE the briars. It's very warm for the weight but I guess the guys at Sitka have never wondered around in many greenbrier patches in the dark before cause mine looks like I've been in the middle of a cat fight or two. Which, by the way, is probably better than a fist fight IMHO. LOL!

November 5th, 2010, 05:30 AM
I return my got KM wool. :thumbs_up

November 5th, 2010, 05:33 AM
u coulda saved on baselayers, all that stuff... but the jacket and bibs id keep. Its pretty tough to find a better windproof, waterproof, breathable outer shell.

If it was me id send back the baselayers and stuff and keep the outer jacket. but if you have the cash why not keep it all! It may be overkill but its nice stuff

Id look at the apxg2 stuff too, very similar to sitka, but cheaper, i would also wear wool under the jacket and bibs if i were sitting.

If you have that kind of money and want something that will hold up to absolutely anything then look at filson.

November 5th, 2010, 06:13 AM
I have the same set, Stratus/Kelvin/Traverse. I must say I am impressed. Packs small, and the layering system is light, but extremely warm.

November 5th, 2010, 07:15 AM
isn't this stuff just leisure suit polyester from the 70's w/ a cool new pattern?

November 5th, 2010, 09:45 AM
That's what I was thinking, the outside is very weak, on the insulated stuff. I'd like to see the APX in Infinity for camo around here.

Sitka/Gore needs to come down in price for today's economy.