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December 3rd, 2010, 12:22 PM
Rubicon archery index
Guys check these out... A new patented product from Rubicon Archery called the INDEX... I got my hands on a handful of prototype components that are basically production intent.. Leftovers from testing... Never been used...

What it is: A fully adjustable stabilizer off-set that allows you to adjust your bar in the vertical plane to manipulate your center mass... A removable bushing in the knuckle allows for 2 degree incremental changes ranging from 0-30 degrees utilizing 2 different interchangable bushings... These particular ones come with the 0-14 degree bushing..
So far all feedback from guys shooting them has been awesome... The only real difference between these ones and production run ones is that the posi-lok set screw holes were all manually drilled and tapped...

Note: This component requires a minimum 1" of stabilizer stud to properly engage into the knuckle... It comes with a 1.75" replacement stud you can swap out in your existing rods.. However, there are a few manufactures who like to permanetly bond studs into stabs or those that have integrated studs on their bars... In this event you will also need an adapter which i also have...

Anyway... MSRP on production INDEX's is 64.95

I am selling these ones for 35.00 plus shipping
also have some adapters as well if you need one... these will cost another 5.00

PM me if interested...only have a small handful to get rid of...


December 4th, 2010, 03:18 PM
Pms answered....