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January 16th, 2011, 10:29 PM
i just ordered the new mathews z7 tactical with flow green accessories and string. im looking for a stabilizer to match with the flo green accessories. any suggestions? i saw the killer stabs site but it seems pretty difficult to manouver around that sight.

February 7th, 2011, 08:43 PM
Check out Centerpunch Stabilizers. We can custom make them to your liking.

XForce Girl
February 10th, 2011, 04:02 PM
Look at the Axion Stabilizers, you can switch out the harmonic dampeners for the green ones and make a nice match for your accessories.

February 10th, 2011, 05:03 PM
Look At ktech Stabilizers. There design is just like the mathews z7 with the actual harmonic stabilzer and damper .

February 11th, 2011, 02:10 PM
You can get this with the Flourescent Green rod from Centerpunch Stabilizers


March 5th, 2011, 12:51 PM
the one above is the actual picture of the stabilizer i ordered from center punch. it looks yellow in the pic because of the angle, but in person its flo green. its perfect and i liked it so much i ordered another one of different length.

March 5th, 2011, 05:04 PM
here is a pic of the centerpunch i had made to make the green mathews kit