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March 8th, 2011, 11:03 AM

The titanium aperture that is never out of round.


The titanium VNSA was created to be the crown jewel on any bow. The VNSA is extreme in every way: strength, beauty, reliability, precision and functionality. The VNSA is unequalled by any other aperture on the market.

Your aperture is the only part of your recurve system that you see at the moment you release your arrow. Having a perfect aperture profile to align with the target is paramount to all archers using sights. Your aperture is one investment that can make a difference in your shooting.

The VNSA is designed with key features that make it superior to all other apertures. Complex geometry eliminates parallax without any moving parts. The VNSA will work for all sizes of archers without any adjustments or calibration. Its function is inherent in its design, making the VNSA fully autonomous.

The VNSA is more than a simple ring. Upon close inspection you will find complex system of shapes that make the VNSA the best investments you can make in your equipment. Thank you for choosing the VNSA.

Covet the Gold,

Anselmo Dominguez
Owner/Inventor and Manufacturer of the VNSA
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March 8th, 2011, 03:33 PM
The VNSA comes in many colors and aim point styles. The VNSA is totally corrosion resistant, an essential quality in an aperture if you live in coastal or wet environments. The aperture is super strong and will not weaken in heat or cold. The quality of the VNSA is excellent. Physically, the VNSA is absolutely stunning. More importantly, it is the perfect size and proportion to cast a crisp and precise image on the target.