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August 10th, 2011, 09:01 PM
Elk hunting isn't just for "westerners!!!" ...for those hunting PA, KY, MI - or that are indeed heading west this fall - there's a GREAT new resource for you!

If you've ever found yourself in an elk hunting situation where you werenít sure what to do, or what strategy you should use...


If you've ever wished you could have the knowledge and experience of a veteran elk hunter and seasonal professional tucked in your back pocket, that you could call on at a momentís notice...

...then the Elk Hunterís Strategy App Ė Bowhunter Edition - might be EXACTLY what you've been looking for!!!! http://roehuntingresources.com/ElkHuntersStrategyApp

The Elk Hunterís Strategy App is the NEXT STEP in the advancement of Elk Hunting Resources made available to the modern elk hunter by Roe Hunting Resources.

The Elk Hunterís Strategy App allows you to
1) DIAL IN on your precise situation;
2) UNDERSTAND what is likely going on with the elk youíre dealing with;
3) CHOOSE between Cow Vocalization Strategies, Bull Vocalization Strategies, or BOTH;
4) CHOOSE between Passive, Targeted, and Aggressive Strategies, or Low-Intensity and Higher-Intensity Strategies WITHIN the Cow Vocalization and Bull Vocalization Strategies; and
5) UNDERSTAND why that particular Strategy might work in YOUR situation.

Currently available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Droid platforms, it can either be downloaded to your device (allowing you to use it ANYWHERE regardless of cell service) or accessed via a web-based version anywhere you have cell service (for those that donít want to, donít have room to, or CANíT download the App to your device).

Within the next week or so, the Elk Hunterís Strategy App will also be available on the Roe Hunting Resources Website as a stand-alone, internet-based resource. Annual Subscribers will find the Elk Hunterís Strategy App as an included benefit to their Annual Subscriptions. Elk Module Subscribers can access the web-version as an ďUpgradeĒ to their Module Subscription.

Early Season Strategies are up and posted for those getting ready to head to Utah and other States for their early archery seasons. Mid-Season and Late-Season Strategies will be updated in the next one to two weeks, and will be sent to Mobile App purchasers through a Push Update. RHR Subscribers will have access to the updated material as soon as itís posted.

For more information, click on the link, or contact me through the website, on here, or in a PM Ė whatever works best for you. ÖI havenít been this excited about an elk hunting product or resource in a LOOONG time, and would LOVE to share more information about this Ė and where its HEADED into the future! This is just the FIRST STEP; what lies ahead for this and other resources are nothing short of amazing!

Enjoy, Good Luck, and stay tuned for additional announcements regarding this App and some upcoming promotions Roe Hunting Resources will be doing!

Chris Roe - Roe Hunting Resources

August 12th, 2011, 02:41 AM
FYI... for the Annual Subscribers and the Elk Module Plus Subscribers, the web-version of the Elk Hunter's Strategy App is up and running! ...to the AT folks that have jumped on board, we're glad to have you along with us! ...for those just snooping the thread, you gotta check it out! ...its worth it!

Chris Roe - Roe Hunting Resources