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October 5th, 2011, 02:46 PM
Wouldnt know where to begin , I have been Archery hunting for a while ,my daughter is getting about that age so I got interested in the local 4 H club to help the next generation in bow hunters. Come to find out , they have no budget. Is there any way possible someone could send me in the right direction in getting some supplies donated.Mainly targets , some kids bows and arrows. I really believe it is up to us to spread the knowledge to our next generation. If we dont no one will..

November 1st, 2011, 07:12 PM
I am a 4-H archery Coach here in Georgia and We are in our 2nd year all of my targets I built Go to DIY on here and type in Lifetime target for plans I used Foam for a Business here that makes Filters for small engines and put old carpet on the fronts.
Have not been able to get any Supplies donated but try a fund raiser