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March 3rd, 2005, 10:19 AM
After reading post for several months I am going to plunk down a pile of $ on a new Allegiance and want to make sure I get it right...

Just want to make sure I understand the DL on these new cams. As I understand it, if I order a 29" DL it will come 29" @ 80% correct?

I guess the reason I am confused is...if the stop is in the middle of the slot, I would have to believe that be somewere between 60% and 80% let off like maybe 70%?

I know you do not get much adjustablility with these CAM's and I am on the fence about 28.5 adn 29"

I shoot a 29" HCA with a loop today but the wing spand method of determining DL says I should shoot 28", the 29" allegeniance feel comfortable but seem to find anyone who has 28.5's and 29" bow to compare side by side.

Thxs in advance for you assistance.

March 3rd, 2005, 01:24 PM
I just recently plunked down the cash also, and bought myself a new allegiance. I was previously shooting a mighty mite, 29 dl with a d-loop. The dealer I bought my bow from only had 28's in stock, so I bought one and so far it's been shooting awesome. I still feel like it's a tad short for me, so I will likely order the 28 1/2 cams today. I haven't played around with the draw stop settings at all yet. Just left it set at 80% and made my d-loop a little longer to compensate until I get the new cams in.