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March 5th, 2005, 11:44 PM
I have a set of cabelas SST 230's trying to figure out if I am to light for my poundage.
Does anyone know how many grains per inch for this shaft, also any ideas about the weight for the outsert as well.

Right now it is 29-1/4"less the outsert, 30-1/2" w/ outsert. running a 100gr. target point on it now,(3),3-3/4" vanes. I love the speed and penetration, but don't want to endanger anyone around me, I only shot 5 arrows just to see where I am on paper, but want to be sure it is safe before shooting any
more. Thanks in advance.
BTW I am shooting a 04 HCA Triple S,w/Per-FX cam, using a Nap fall away rest with release.