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March 9th, 2005, 04:29 AM
Hi guys,

This is a slightly long one, but part of it is offering up good info that I've discovered (probably old hat to you guys, but new to me).

I shoot a 04 Liberty set at 63#. My string was tired, so I had my bow restrung and it shot like crap when I got it back. So restarted the tuning process. Discovered that all of a sudden I could not get arrow clearance on my NAP QT4000 (seems like this happens to many people with this rest). Tried EVERYTHING to no avail and finally (after some advice on the forums) contacted NAP. They were very helpful and the service was good. They sent me some slightly taller, narrower prongs. I also reduced the offset on my fletches (this helps with clearance!) and replaced my 2" Blazers with 2.3" 3D Duravanes. To add to this - I also started shooting cock up. All this together gave me nice clearance. :p

Now to get centre shot. I put a 1" wide vertical line on my bale. Used the top pin and got it centre at 5 yds. Moved to 20 yds and had to adjust the rest slightly to the right (was shooting to the left of my line). Got that good and went to 30 yds. Again shot slightly to the left of my line (using the same pin with the sight not moved). Moved the sight a bit more to the right. Went back to 20 yds to make sure it was still good and shot down the centre of the line. Then went to 40 yds and did the same. Putting 5 arrows in the 1" vertical line at 40 yds was good enough for me. Didn't go further as I wasn't going to push my luck (err read skill shortage). After doing this I believed my centre shot was good. I then paper tested and got a left tear (just less than 0.5") at 2 yds. At 5 yds got the same left tear (maybe a little less), but at 15 yds got a bullet hole. I didn't try and further distances.

Why would this be? Is my arrow fishtailing slightly? :eek: This could mean soft spine, but shooting GT 5575 at 28" with 75 gr tip (and 15 gr insert). Looks ok to me....

Groupings look as good as I can shoot them - so I guess I shouldn't read to much into what the paper says, but would be nice to get bullets...

Let me know what you guys think... :confused:


March 9th, 2005, 09:30 AM
Let er go....

Archery is hitting your target . . .not a Holy Grail for the perfect bullet hole. :D :D

Paper tuning is a starting point.....what groups best wont necessarily give you a perfect bullet hole. Trust your group tune.

March 10th, 2005, 07:58 PM
Some bows may never paper tune with perfect bullet holes from each yardage point ..This is what I have been told anyway....it could be something very minor and you could never figure it out ..Like the bow may have a slight vibration in it this causes that ect.and you may just keep getting if worse messing with it and then trying to get it back to where you had it in the first place... I would not worry to much if you groups are good.. Is this a 3-d or hunting bow? If it is a hunting bow I sure wouldn't worry ..

March 10th, 2005, 08:59 PM
I'm sure some will disagree with me but here is my thought. I always tune the bow (All Bows) for the perfect hole in the paper at 3 feet away. No exceptions. This is with a completed arrow. "Fletching and all". Have never found a bow that this could not be accomplished and I've done hundreds. When this is done the bow is shooting at it best. Lets say you have a little tear when testing. Does this mean that the bow will not shoot straight. NO!!!! This just means that the fletching will have to work harder to straighten the arrrow. Does mean that you might not hit exactly where you aim when shooting. Anytime an arrow leaves a bow and starts to fishtail or porpoise and the fletching has to correct your hitting point will change. I'm not talking feet but inches. Lets say you are shooting a 3-D tournament. Instead of hitting the 12 spot you will be in the 10 spot. Could be the difference between first and fourth. Also when you are hunting with this paper tearing bow using fixed broadheads imagine the broadhead cutting thru the air. You shoot and the arrow comes off the bow bearing to the left then the fletching corrects it to the right then left. All this take a millisecond (real quick) but it has to effect the flight of the broadhead and the impact spot. So you could go from a hitting the vitals on the animal to hitting a not so vital area. Another example take one of your arrows with a fixed broadhead. While traveling down the road hold it out the window point it into the wind. Now let the arrow move left then right. Feel the wind effect on the arrow.
Once you get the perfect hole in the paper adjust the sights to hit your target.