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November 16th, 2011, 03:38 PM
[SIZE=2]I have seen alot of inquiries here on AT about hog hunting, and I just wanted to put out an informal review/endorsement for an outfitter I found in Central Florida who caters to bowhunters....

My wife and I started out as clients and we have become good friends with Bob Mayworth who owns and operates Arbuckle Marsh Outfitters located in Highlands County just east of Sebring, Fl. The hunting takes place on a private 5,000 acre working cattle ranch. This is a flow-fence property that is teeming with game. You will see whitetails, Oscelola turkeys, coyotes, bobcats, and every other critter native to the area. Bob has created a "Hog Hammock" with feeders, tree stands, and ground blinds, that attract and hold high numbers of wild hogs. You are welcome to bring your own climber, or try spot & stalking.

This is a fair chase hunt with wild hogs native to this property and neighboring properties. You will not be pressured into taking an animal that you don't want which so many other hog hunting operations are famous for... The hunt is one low price, and you pay $1/lb. for your hog(s). with a maximum of $150 for any hog taken. No rediculous trophy fees are imposed for trophy boar hogs. You shoot what you want, and pay only for what you shoot. He has a year 'round feeding program and maintains high numbers of hogs in all size ranges. Although this is not a guaranteed hunt, you most certainly will see hogs and have opportunity. I have hunted this ranch dozens of times over the last couple of years and have always seen hogs and had shooting opportunities... This is absolutely the best hog hunting deal you will find anywhere!

Bob and his family are great folks and they really work hard to ensure you have a great experience when you hunt with them. Skinning & cleaning is provided for a nominal fee if you choose to have them do it or you can do it yourself. Ice is always provided free.

Feel free to call or PM me if you have any questions. I would be glad to provide more details to anyone interested in hunting with Arbuckle Marsh Outfitters.
A limited number of guided Osceola turkey hunts are also offered every spring. Contact Bob for all the details on those hunts.

Regards, Dan L.

Bob Mayworth-Arbuckle Marsh Outfitters