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December 12th, 2011, 12:21 PM
Gold Coast Shootout Series

Gold Coast Archers in Delray Beach, Florida will be hosting the Gold Coast 3D Shootout from December to May. The first shoot is Saturday, December 18 at 9am. The series will consist of 5 shoots. Dates will be listed at the bottom. Registration is $20. $10 goes to Gold Coast, $5 to payouts at each shoot, and $5 towards hunts and drawings at the end of the series. Those hunts and drawings will be based on participation. For example, if you shoot in all five shoots you get five entries in those drawings. If you shoot in one, you only get one. Everyone has an equal chance to be a winner! A few hunts have been donated all ready. We'd love to have more so if you know someone who would like to donate, advertise and sponsor this series, please let us know. There will be youth divisions in which they will win medals at each event. There will also be hunts and equipment given to youth shooters at the end. The youth drawings will be separate from the adult. Lunch will be $7 at each shoot. For more info contact John Bowersox at Junior's Outdoor in Boca Raton at 561-706-5656 or contact one of the other Gold Coast representatives.

40 Targets
We will be shooting center 12's and 14's.
Max distance will be 40 yards for adults, 25 for Traditional, Young Adult, Youth, and Cub. PeeWee stakes will be less than 10.
Yardages will be evenly distributed on adult stakes. 5 targets from 0-25 yards, 5 from 25-30, 5 from 30-35, and 5 from 35-40.
Standard NFAA equipment classes will be used. There will however be a known yardage division.
All shooters will be peer grouped and shooters will be mixed. You cannot choose your group, with the exception of kids shooting with their parents.
There will be 1 payout for 1-5 shooters in each division, 2 payouts for 6-10 shooters, and 3 for 11 or more.

Shoot dates:
December 18
February 26
March 18
April 22
May 20