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View Full Version : A Good low down on this idea of creep tuning?

March 15th, 2005, 03:10 PM
Could somebody explain to me or direct me to a place where I can educate myself on this idea of creep tuning. It seems like the latest buzz in archery and being the fool that I am I must understand it. Seems like we archers must continously find methods of tinkering to add to our arsenal of excuses to support our imperfections, therefore I must subject myself. If any of you ladies and gentleman could enlighten me I'd be very thankful.

March 15th, 2005, 03:17 PM
Spotshy; shooting a Cam and 0/2 doesn't lend itself to creep tuning. :wink:

Here's some info on cam 1/2 creep tuning from Javelina:

Creep or fine timing the Cam & ½ ______________________________ __________
I rarely have to make any adjustments after I’ve set the timing, but the few times that I have missed a little, this worked for me…. It is a variation on the old stand by Creep tuning methods…

With the tiller set to even (limb bolts bottomed and backed out the same on both limbs to your shooting weight) Set the timing as close as you can by eye.

I like to start with my sight zeroed at 20 yards. Using ½ or ¾ inch masking put a horizontal line on your 20 yard target. Shoot 3 or 4 arrows aiming at the tape, be sure to draw only to the wall do not pull into the cams. Only use your good shots; the bad ones don’t count.

This is where the Cam & ½ differs from the two cam bow in creep tuning. Since there is no real valley you can’t creep into it.

Now shoot 3 or 4 more arrows at the line, while drawing your bow hard into the cams (you’re over rotating the cams just a bit) this is what most people describe as the mushy feeling on the cam & 1/2. Again use only your good shots.

If your bow is in perfect time all your shots will hit the line, and the mushy feeling will be almost unnoticeable. If the shots fired while pulling hard into the cams hit high, apply a ½ twist to the control cable.
If the shots fired while pulling hard into the cams hit low apply a ½ twist to the buss cable.

Repeat until all shots hit the tape….

If you want to tune it even closer; repeat at 30 or 40 yards….

March 15th, 2005, 03:18 PM
Never mind, I got educated I guess. I solved that whole problem many moons ago by trading my volkswagon in for a cadillac. Some folks have to be struck directly on the head to see the light. Hard to believe some folks are still using such technology.

March 15th, 2005, 03:23 PM
Thank you for you response Bobmuley. I must have been posting at the same time you were responding. I do appreciate the time you took to respond. None of my comments were directed toward you. However I can't believe folks are back to fighting that 2 cam sychonization battle again.

March 15th, 2005, 03:29 PM
I remember the battle, trying to keep a couple of hatchets singing a melody while using fast flight material. Constantly fiddling with the cables to keep it in time and adjusting the string to keep up with the cable-twisting.

I don't think the hybrid cam is nearly as important of an "invention" as the quality string/cable materials that are available now. Zero creep and shorter break-in times make any cam system less hassle. If I would have had 452X back in the High Country days I could have got alot more sleep rather than spend time on the tiller board checking its timing.

March 15th, 2005, 07:31 PM
Okay, so I tried creep tuning on my dually yesterday. The arrows all hit the same place at 20 yards so I guess my bow was in "time". Of course I do it on a tiller board so it should be! :) :)