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March 18th, 2005, 08:48 PM
I'm setting up some 350 LInejammers and was wondering wether to go with 28 or 29"Length,&0-100 gr. nibbs or the 35.5 RPS inserts with 100 gr. tips. I'm shooting a 29" Q2XL at 58lbs??? Also are the 250 Linejammers lighter than the 350?

March 18th, 2005, 09:18 PM
Bowhunter53, I do believe the 350's are 8.2 grn./in. and the 250's are 7.5 grn./in.

I recently set up some 350's cut 28" from u of nock to end of shaft with 109 grain glue-in's on the tip. My draw is set on 29.5 at 64 lbs. I originally wanted to try the new 250's but the 350's were readily available from my dealer. Since then I've shot one 3D shoot with the 350's and wanted to go a little lighter so I bought me a half dozen of the 250's. Most archers have had to put a lot of weight on the front of the 350's and increase their poundage in order to get the 350's to tune right and be more forgiving. The 350's seem to be a little stiff for me.

With the 250's I've cut them 28" as well and put 100 grn glue in on the tip. I'm shooting them fairly well considering I have a little leaning cam problem that's driving me nuts. I'm not planning on hunting with these shafts and is why I considered glue in points. I'd say with your poundage you might want to try a few 250's as well to see what works best for you. Hope this helps. :teeth:

March 19th, 2005, 02:43 PM
Bowhunter53, Just to relate to you in setting up shafts at the same time I'll comment on the 250's again after I readjusted my bow last night to satisfy my expectations of arrow flight.

I finally managed to tune the 250's last night really well with my setup. My draw weight is a little on the high side for the 250's at 64 pounds and 28" arrow but, I've got them shooting bullet holes through paper and grouping well from 0-40yds.

My 250's are setup with Beiter nocks and the new CX LJ outserts. I'm using 4" Duravanes which is a total of 46 grns on the rear of the arrow shaft. On the front of the shaft I've installed 100 grn. glue-in steel points. My total average arrow weight out of a half dozen of 250's is 363 grns. with an FOC% of 7.8%. My average arrow weight for the half dozen of 350's I have are 381 grns. with an FOC% of 6.7%.

So there's your comparison of weight versus the two different spine sizes...setup close to the same way. All in all I think they would both shoot for me really well but I really like the way the 250's are shooting right now. Plus a few less grains.

If you have enough room with at least an inch hangover past your rest I would consider cutting your arrows to 28". But if you cut them at 29" it may help make them a little more forgiving. What ever you decide though you should be able to get them to shoot well for you regardless of an inch. Regardless in my opinion I wouldn't put nothing less than 100 grn in the tip. If you do then your FOC% will go down hill and arrow flight stability will be twice as dependent and magnified by little shooting form inconsistencies along with your arrow being a bigger victim to wind drift.

Hope this helps some. Sorry for rambling but I thought relating to you would help out your decision of choice. Good luck and remeber don't get frustrated. :smile: