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January 11th, 2012, 01:09 PM
For those of you that have not tried a Whalen Hooker release, here's your chance. I have two, one of which I have decided to sell since my other one will never wear out!

For sale: Whalen Hooker 2-finger, black, 7/8" hole size, BRAND NEW and never shot with both knobs, a wrench for adjusting, and a piece of d-loop cord (not required but the material has been found to be slightly smoother). It is supplied with two thumb peg knobs: one is sharply knurled, the other is smooth. Here's a picture with the smooth knob attached:


The advantages:
- No moving parts - it will likely never wear out
- Compact and very, very lightweight
- Comfortable
- Encourages proper shooting technique (works better when using good backtension form)
- Inexpensive
- Can be easily converted from right-hand to left. You just thread the thumb peg on the appropriate side of the release.

As I said, I have another red one which I like very much that I am keeping. It's so simple and works so well. I just don't need two of them. I do, however need a better scope, which the money from this will go toward.

The list price on Mike's website is $105 (not including shipping) for a two-finger release. Most of the time used Hooker releases are selling for $60 - $65 TYD. Make me an offer. If the offer is a good one, you'll be buying what may very well be the last release you'll ever need to buy.

January 11th, 2012, 04:00 PM
Sold pending payment. That was fast!