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March 21st, 2005, 02:23 PM
I know we all maniac, and we dont realy calculate the exact amount we spend each season in hunting.
But, last year i made it. The bow & arrow deer season cost me about $350.00 including license and feeding. A shot in the first weekends saved me about $150.00 to $200.00 of apple and gas. For moose w/bow & arrow, all preparation including (starts april) i spent about $750.00 for onr week of hunting, lodging in my own camper. These amount not including arrows, broadhead or hunting supplies. It's only local hunting area.

And you ?

March 21st, 2005, 02:39 PM

If I figure out how much I spend, I may have to have myself put away!:eek::D

Let me think about it though, and get back to you!;)

March 21st, 2005, 02:45 PM
Dont tell my wife to read these lines...
But i'm curious to know if i'm in the range of you hunter's.

March 21st, 2005, 02:46 PM
Last year..........ten days............$78.00 license and tags, $150.00 for food, and then gas........I had to end up driving home three times. I won't include the cost of beer. :teeth:

Tax Lawyer
March 21st, 2005, 02:48 PM
I have no idea and I don't want to know.

If I were to guess, I am paying $75+ a pound for Venison. :wink:

Team Hoyt PA
March 21st, 2005, 03:08 PM
this is my ENTIRE season-not only archery
20 for general license
16 for archery tag
20 for bear tag
6 for doe tag
16 for muzzle loader (bought it and never took the gun out ONCE!!)

so $78 in tags. I won't post how much i spent in equiptment this year. :omg:

March 21st, 2005, 03:08 PM
Ok, heres how I broke it down.

During NJ bowseason, I probably hunt between 2-5 days a week.

Usually spending approx. $60/wk on gas.

My food costs go way down, because I dont normally eat, I just sit in the woods all day. But occasionally I will get snacks, so I would guess about $20 on snacks, the entire season. Plus a few treats at a local pizza parlor for another $10 a pop. And charcoal for after successful hunts.;)

I also have to buy misc. equipment such as handwarmers, gloves, scent, scent killer, etc. As I lose or use them. Probably about $30 per season on that.

Thats about it....the season is about 11 weeks long, so about $660 dollars on gas alone. plus about $90 for the misc. cr-..stuff.:D

So around $750 for the entire NJ bow season. Oh I forgot the license....thats another $72.25, plus a $28 permit....I told you I didnt want to know.:eek:

My usual out of state hunts go something like this;
Gas=$100 to $200
License=$75 to $180
Misc. Equip=$40
Lodging is free, because I have family that can put up with me during my out of state visits. This keeps costs down.:D Thank God for family! I wonder if they say the same?:p

Equipment is probably around $3000-$4000. But most of it doesnt need to be replaced for years to come.

Lets figure it out though, so I can cry!

2 bows w/acces.= About $1600
5 treestands= About $550
Tons of Clothing and boots= about $500
Targets, arrows, broadheads, grunt calls etc.= about $1000

Ok I have to stop....this is seriously depressing!:(

No wonder Im poor.:eek:

March 21st, 2005, 03:08 PM
You know Tax lawyer, you right. If we compare what we spent to those whose gone to south for a week....
I only post this thread today to share with you guy's, the opportunity we've got to spent money for our favorite sport. There's a lot of hunter's can't afford expenses season after season. I know few guy's around here who can hunt only on weekends because they can afford vacation.

March 21st, 2005, 03:17 PM
I wouldn't dare to calculate it! But, IF you are asking to factor in all the $$$ from the new bows and accessories, the extra camo, boots, etc, and every other thing I buy each and every seasons to chase the critter from Oct 1 to mid Jan.... then it several thousands of dollars. Of course now I also have to factor in land payments as well all in the name of whitetails!! I'll just answer by saying...... a LOT!

Like Matty said, "no wonder I'm poor"! :D

and as TaxLawyer mentioned.... the per pound price of venison is out of this world! :D

March 21st, 2005, 03:22 PM
If you purchase land for hunting, the price goes right out of sight! :eek:


March 21st, 2005, 03:45 PM

March 21st, 2005, 03:49 PM
And a lot of misc. stuff
All that equals a lot...I'm glad my wife doesn't visit A/T...... :confused:

March 21st, 2005, 03:54 PM
nearly cost me my wife of 24 years,(happyest ten years of my life) she got really upset about the third week of the season. but i'm with taxlawyer- anyone who tries to tell me they hunt for the meat or to feed their family is only kidding them selves. licences,new arrows/bow and camo colthes for a 15 yearold, gas meals,bets in deer pools, new arrows for myself,licences for me and another teenage boy,proccessing on a buttonbuck--- well over a grand for 35# of meat. i could have bought 200# of ribeye steaks for less
seeing my boy retrive his bow kill---priceless

March 21st, 2005, 04:06 PM

Don't forget about the Deer lease camper that you are buying off me! :angel:

March 21st, 2005, 04:07 PM
it all depends on the success of the season............

dont even want to think about how much is spent on scent elimination (and the fact that my wife keeps stealing my HS Scent Away laundry soap..........because it gets "stains" out ! LOL)

and if im blessed.................you have to talk with mr. taxidermist. :o

IT REALLY DOESNT MATTER TO ME............................ ..


i only had "tag" soup on one of the first few seasons when i began..........
(probably the cheapest of all dinners to be had).


March 21st, 2005, 04:14 PM
Total spent on hunting??? A bunch!

Being with my wife in the blind this past season when she took her first deer and two turkey with her bow - PRICELESS.

Watching her try to get within camera range of a group of turkey this past weekend and then having her run back to show me the remains of a 8pt buck she found - PRICELESS.

Now that I think about it, I don't spend that much afterall.

March 21st, 2005, 04:21 PM
I do not even want to know how much it costs me to hunt!!! If my wife found out that figure I'd be one hurtin' pup!!! Besides, whatever I spend to hunt is irrelevant - it's what I do to keep my sanity - and that's priceless!! :wink:

March 21st, 2005, 04:22 PM
Looking at all of these posts, it is obvious that for a bowhunter (or any hunter, actually), the money we spend per pound of venison harvested is incredibly high! :eek:

Look at Whackmaster's cost-estimates....those are real close to mine....over $3,000 per year on average.....

If I divide $3,000 by the 140 lbs of wrapped, processed, tender venison I ended-up with last year, that works-out to $ 21.42 per pound of meat!! :eek:

All of which begs the question: What about these guys who claim they bowhunt "to feed my family. We need the meat....."

What!? A guy is too poor to feed his family $1.00/lb. burger from the grocery store, but he'll claim he hunts "mostly to feed my family"??????????? :wink:

Or how about this favorite: "I shot the little buck 'cause my family NEEDS the meat"......

There are LOTS of cheaper ways to feed a family than bowhunting!

I think this thread PROVES that the comment "I hunt because my family needs the meat".......is a BS excuse for shooting ANY little deer that walks by! :wink: :thumbs_do

March 21st, 2005, 04:23 PM
Tags and gear included that i buy yearly, I bet I spend around $100 +/- $20 yearly.
That is about all I can spend.
I wish I could swing a couple thousand evey year but not yet. I still have 6 years to go before one of the children leaves the nest. Then, a bunch more..then a whole bunch more years. LOL

Pierre Couture
March 21st, 2005, 04:34 PM
About a hundred in licence fees, a hundred to maintain my equipment, land lease and insurance 300, gas twenty ( Toyota Echo 48 miles /imperial gallon:teeth: ) and multiply that by four since we are a group of four hunters or roughly 2400 for two whitetails and a young moose last fall. Not that cheap, but I wouldn't have it any other way... :wink:

March 21st, 2005, 04:37 PM
Total...way too much. No way I'd put it in print. My wife would be real upset if she knew the total. :mad: You guys sure you want the "evidence" on print? I've been married 23 years and I don't want to push it. The total might just be the straw that broke the camel's back, or mine. :confused:

March 21st, 2005, 05:10 PM
I dont want to start an argument, so Im going to keep this simple.

To those talking about people not being able to feed families off of meat, due to cost. Dont take these numbers for the price everyone spends. I found it very insulting, and Im sure many others do as well. There was a time, that I had 12 aluminium arrows, six broadheads, a cruddy used bow, and some workboots. I provided meat for my family at a very reasonable cost, and got to do something I LOVE as well.

So not to ream you out, or say I dont understand what your saying, because I do understand. Im a "trophy" hunter too, just watch what you say when it comes to poverty, or hunger. You may be offending people who really do have to feed their families by doing something they love. I dont want to discourage or deny them that.

No apology necessary and please dont let this become another debate, lets try to get along. Have a good one---Matt:)

March 21st, 2005, 05:26 PM
..."peace-maker" on these forums.....I appreciate that.....

But ya gotta admit that the "can't afford to feed my family unless I hunt" line wears pretty thin among knowledgable bowhunters, right?

Only some Alaskan Eskimo tribes actually hunt to stay alive.....it's called "subsistence hunting" and modern man in America hasn't NEEDED to hunt to stay alive or feed his family for many generations.....

All I'm saying is that we should all be HONEST in why we hunt and not make excuses.....sound reasonable to you, my friend? :smile:

March 21st, 2005, 06:08 PM
Well first off, thanks. Im glad you think Im a nice guy....because of that, Im gonna let you go easy.:D

And your right, I guess there really arent many who can hunt for sustenance these days. But I think there could be a few. What I was trying to get at is that not everyone has the best equipment, or hunts private leases. Some guys have to sacrifice to partake in this great way of life. They really do need that meat to make up for the money spent on licenses and such. I dont want to see them insulted, and I know that wasnt your intention.

Your also right on the fact that they are far and few between, and most people do use that "meat hunting" as an excuse. These days, with license costs, and equipment prices all on the rise. True meat hunters, not doing it for the love of the sport, are being forced to hang up their bows, or guns, and seek food other ways.

(shake hands) All is good Tex....I hear what your saying now....:)

Have a good one---Matt:)

Team Hoyt PA
March 21st, 2005, 06:13 PM
Something that people should consider including is the countless magazine subscribtions.
I subscribe to at least 5 different magazines that are hunting related and two that are fishing related.
since people are mentioning gear i guess i'll put up a tally:
Broadheads - $40
calls, scents, scent control - at least $50
Camo - spent about $150 this year
Bow - $850 ready to shoot (this is the last one for a while)
3 stands - $400 (never stops for some reason)

Last year i spent a little over $1600 for the archery season alone. This year it will be MUCH less since i'm not buying a new bow and i already bought broadheads from here for cheap!!! Camo might be put on hold also this year.
Next year i should easily be ready for under $300

March 21st, 2005, 06:13 PM
Let's see, I hunted deer in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho last year. Oh yeah, elk in Utah. Had to pay tresspass fees for the Utah and Wyoming deer hunts and a modest guide fee for Montana. Then there is the out of state licenses, the equipment, gas, food . . . etc. Come to think of it, I don't know what I spent and it doesn't matter. Those days hunting allow me to work too much the rest of year by providing much needed R&R, stress relief, and memories that will last a lifetime. Hunting also provides the motivation to exercise (I'd exercise more if I could hunt year round). Oh yeah, I forgot about the taxidermist fees for three deer. Good problem though. :)

March 21st, 2005, 08:36 PM
I'm glad to see my expenses in the average. With $1,100.00 for the last season it's seem to be the amount for big games seasons. I realy dont understand how someone can hunt with bow & arrow only for meats. When its easier with guns. Can we see in there a part of pleasure, probably yes. Now dont tell me you do hunt for meat, the price of gun vs bow, arrow vs ammunition, permit prices...
No, i dont think so, in part you hunt for pleasure, for the love of sports. For sure you dont have the same amount available for your hunt then other ones, but just think a moment, if you have money for hunting, you'll take your green papers and your ass and youre going up in your trees. :wink:

March 21st, 2005, 09:00 PM
This year will not cost much at all. I have everything I need already. Things I will have to buy;
gas- I hunt no further than 20 miles from my home so we'll say 80.00 dollars for the year
liscense- bow, muzzleloader, rifle. bonus buck tags 60.00 dollars
freezer bags- I butcher all my deer myself 10.00 dollars
I buy all my scent sprays and shampoos at the end of the season when it is cheap. I buy a dozen of arrows every other year. I bought my broadheads last year from someone on this site.I bought my legacy from here also 2 years ago for 450.00 so I usually never pay top dollar for anything. I do shoot very good quality stuff I just shop around for used new stuff and it saves me ton of money. Archery can be as expensive as you make it. I hunt public ground and also killed a nice 8 point around 115-120 last year on a tight budget. It can be done. Good luck to everyone.Roy

March 21st, 2005, 09:07 PM

My dad paid for the last few years!! But I'll probably have to pay this year and I'm guessing that it'll look something like this:

Youth Whitetail Tag - $6.50
Youth Muley Tag - $6.50
Game Bird - $8.25
Bowhunting Permit - $7.00

and if I'm lucky enough to draw... $33.00 for a moose tag!

March 22nd, 2005, 12:04 AM
I'm jealous of Mertz09. I wish my wife shared my intrests.

I figured out something once as I was lifting my bow and back pack up the tree. At the end of the rope was:

Bow with sight & stabilizer & misc accessories - $800
Arrows $40
Backpack $50
Binoculars $450
Rangefinder $150
Video camera $450
Knife $100

My point? The price of the rope to pull all this
up with?---------------------------------------$1.00

March 22nd, 2005, 08:48 AM
I am afraid to find out. Don't need to know.

March 22nd, 2005, 09:34 AM
Way too much, but for the satisfaction I get, there is no way I can put a price tag on regaining my sanity. That said, I really dont want to know how much I spend.

March 22nd, 2005, 09:59 AM
After 10 years I finally figured I should get a spare release. I wait for any length aluminum to be on clearance and cut them down (advantage of using an overdraw).
I don't spend much on equipment at all. I did get a new bow (on year end clearance/Ebay) this year, but I figured up how many deer it would take to bring the cost below beef and the 2-4 years that would take seemed reasonable.

Figure my hunting license is used to hunt small game, upland game, waterfowl and fur. My bow and arrows are used to shoot year round. The gas I spend to go hunting is the same gas I use to go visit my friend and shoot my bow and guns the rest of the year. After camo is too faded it gets handed down to small game and fur hunting.
The only cost that is 100% deer hunting is the $26.50 for the tags and broadheads.

This year did cost me because I ruined two broadheads (new broadheads) but normally new blades is the worst that is needed for them.

All of which begs the question: What about these guys who claim they bowhunt "to feed my family. We need the meat....."
Sorry that you're not wise with your money and can't figure out there are ways to do things other than how you do them.
I don't know where you're finding burger for $1/lb, but why should I eat expired brown beef when I can eat deer steaks and roasts for way under $1/lb. It only takes four deer to get the cost under $1/lb for me.

But ya gotta admit that the "can't afford to feed my family unless I hunt" line wears pretty thin among knowledgable bowhunters, right?
He just told you the exact opposite applies to some. You're just too thick to see anything outside of your own life.
Lose your job and I bet you could figure out a way to not spend $3000 to hunt (maybe not in TX because that "buy the other guy out" mentality has wiped out meat hunting). Even in "lease hunting out of existence land" I bet you could come up with someone to let you kill does or hunt residential areas.
You're just not thinking hard enough.

March 22nd, 2005, 10:27 AM
I am a nightmare for sporting good stores and most of the sponsors here on AT.

Same bow I have used for 5 years, bought it on sale.

Refletch and service my arrows with materials bought many years ago
Re-sharpen broadheads. Got arrows on sale in bulk.

Some of my camo is from Vietnam era, its old but works.

Hunt public land or some private for free....usually give the people a gift of jerky or sticks, I now butcher and process my own with equipment I have used for decades.

Can walk to most areas or they are so close that gas is not an issue.

Licence for 3 tags is $75.00.

Hunt when I can and that is my choice, so no cost there.

So with depreciation, approx $100.00 a season.

Deer are just as dead as if I used the most modern archery gear and I have lots of memorys as well as money for my other hobbies. :wink:

March 23rd, 2005, 07:08 AM
Fizzy, don't be jealous. Enjoy the time, it is your time to relax. Let the wife go shopping .(out of your hair) :D

Mertz09---- Camper. I think $800

March 23rd, 2005, 08:34 AM
This got me thinking because my wife is always *****ing about what I spend on hunting. This sport may cost a lot to get into but once you do it should not, or doesn’t need to cost a lot to keep doing it. What I am saying, it is what you make of it.

Bow & Arrows $1000
Tree stand $300
Clothing $500
Junk $200

Total $2000

I buy a new bow about every 5 years. I have been shooting the same aluminum arrows for 5 years now. I bought a bunch of shafts and made my own. I am down to about 4-dozen complete arrows and I think I still have about 2-dozen shafts left. I have not bought a tree stand for about 2 years. I buy a new set of camo every year to replace one set that is starting to wear, but I buy this usually at the end of the last season on sale last year a paid $50 for my predator. Same with incidental stuff, cover scents, attractants, gloves, face paint I buy on sale at the end of the season for next year estimate $50. My wife and kids also buy me a lot of incidental stuff as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I am going to throw in an extra $200 for just extras fletch, nocks annual string etc. (Estimate $300)

I travel to Illinois every other year and hunt a private Pike County farm of a family friend. Cost the license and tag price and two of us go and we split gas cost. The farmer and his wife but us up at no cost they will not take any money. But every year we leave a couple hundred $$ somewhere to be found later and get yelled at every year for doing so. (Estimate $600)

Local hunting since most of my local hunting is done in my back yard or with in a 20-mile radius gas is not a big factor well at least it wasn't. Adult license $20, archery stamp $16 and a doe tag $6 for every one you want. (Annual cost $42)

My big expense is endured in the spring/summer traveling to 3D shoots and winter techno Hunt league.

3D $25 a week range fee and gas. ($500)

Video Techno Hunt league $10 every week at my local shop. ($160)

Monthly post Techno Hunt night out with the guys $30 ($90)

Hunting every year $342

Hunting every other year $942

Annual archery piece of mind $750

Damn I need to show my wife this I do not spend nearly as much as I thought or she thinks!!!!! At least on hunting, she never thinks about the shoots, but then again maybe I woill not!!!

March 23rd, 2005, 09:31 AM
I'm hunting public land, with a lifetime hunting & fishing license I bought 8 years ago for $500, with a 5 year old Mathews. Heck, all I spend is gas money and $ for post hunt beers. I do get a couple of items of camo and some new boots every few years, but I'm hunting on the cheap.

March 23rd, 2005, 10:04 AM
Let's see????

Property taxes on farm = $1800 (no income from farm, WRP program)
NR landowner tags = $70
Bonus doe tags = $52
Gas = $550
Processor, 4 deer x $70 = $280
stay w/ inlaws FREE
scent away, tinks, etc = $100
broadheads, accessories = $100
Snacks = $150
bow $700/5 years = $140
Arrows $120/3 years = $40
Clothes $1500/10 years = $150
Treestands $1900/10 years=$190
Food Plots, $650/5 years =$130
things that I forgot, but
my wife remembers =$500

These are deer hunting expenses ONLY
I am not including 3D shoots, indoor range time, other game expenses(turkey,hogs, etc.)

$4252/4 deer@90 lbs of boneless meat each(hey, they are big in Illinois! :p ) =

$11.81/lb cheap at twice the price!!!!!!!! :thumbs_up :beer: :beer: :p :p :p :p :p :p

If my wife sees this, please call 911 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

March 23rd, 2005, 11:12 AM
Not the tip of iceburg but been working at Gander Mountian for 6 months.Total recipts is about 5,000 bucks not to mention everything else...

March 23rd, 2005, 02:52 PM
This thread made me realize two things.

Firstly, I dont spend as much as most of you. Which Im not saying is bad, you guys are lucky to have that much money to spend on the sport. Lets put it this way..... I would if I could, but I cant!:D

Secondly; Starting tomorrow, Im going to try and cut down on my expenses more than I already have. Other than licensing, tags, and gas. Im going to try and cut down or eliminate any other costs. Ive already been selling off hunting equipment like a flea market, but Im going to take it another step further.

No more mid-day snacks, no more buying gloves when I misplace a pair, no more after hunt pizza parlor visits. No new boots, no new anything. I want to make it as cheap as I can.

That being said, I have to go! Cabelas is a good 1-1/2 hours from here, so I better hurry! Im not sure what time they close, but I have a $10,000 spending limit, and if Im gonna start this plan tomorrow, I have to stock up now!:D:D:D:D

Lets see, Ill need new boots, extra gloves,...........:D:D:D:D

March 24th, 2005, 12:07 AM
WOW....Duck...Deer...Hogs...Va rmints...Upland...Out of state...3-D...

All the gear that goes with this stuff...= big $$

Food...drinks...fuel...ICE...S he is right..I spend to much.

By the way I fish too!!!... :p

March 24th, 2005, 12:16 AM
I dont even wanna think about what i spend. Not that i NEED anything, but on scents, clothes wash, and then BH's and whatnot each year it adds up. I take alot of shots during a good year. Last year i burned through 11 BH's

$33 a pack of 3...ouch

Can't forget license fees and film for the trail cams and bags of corn, gas money for that 1 hour trip each way. Butchering costs. Always seem to buy a hat or new gloves or sumtin i already have 12 of.

Last year bought a new climber, then a ground blind. This year i bought a bow. I still need a pair of boots. HAHAHA i can ramble on forever with all the misc crap i end up with.

March 24th, 2005, 12:25 AM
btw iof i wanted to go out for purely meat i could do so for the next 5 years with the only costs being licenses.....

I have enugh of everything to make due but what fun is that. :smile: Only gonna live once :wink: