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March 22nd, 2005, 10:53 AM
I am considering trading in my SQ2 for a Switchback. I hear that there is a lot of string stretch with the new Zebra Barracuda String and I am reading on this site that the string needs to be replaced with a new type string. Exactly what is the name of this new string that doesn't strech?

March 22nd, 2005, 11:20 AM
I have a Switchback, and I had issues with the Barracuda string that originally came on my bow. Mathews informed me that there were issues with a few batches of strings that got out early on in production. They replaced my string with a new barracuda, and I have not had any issues since. No stretch since 100 shots. I have my cam marked, and it has not budged. I would give the barracuda a fair shot for yourself before making a change. If you are still not happy I would look at a Vapor Trail VTX, or Winners Choice. At least if you shoot the barracuda string for awhile it will give you a good back-up string for emergencies. That was my original plan, but I have been happy with my new Barracuda so far.