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December 27th, 2012, 07:18 AM
I moved to a PSE Supra ME this year (from a Hoyt Contender Elite), and love Supra. I have found it aims better than my CE (or my Vantage Elite before that).

I am now of course thinking about upgrading to either the Supra Max or the Dominator 3D Max (or possibly the Dominator Pro Max). Now I know the different A2As of the bows, and what this gives you, but I am wondering whether there is any difference in feel (e.g. do the ME cams feel different because of different geometry?) or in how easy the bow is to aim/how it holds, etc? Is there any other "real-world" advantage to spending the extra $500 or so on the shoot-through bow?

December 27th, 2012, 05:47 PM
I'm thinking the extra 1/2" brace height will make for a different feel. The cams shouldn't feel any different - you already use Bomars and you'll want them on the Dominator. I don't know if my Dominator holds $500 better than my XL but for sure it holds $150 better (the difference between what I paid for each, used) once fully stabbed and balanced. I think the biggest difference is whether you are a one eye open or both eyes open shooter. For me, I had to change peep size get the bow to fit just right to keep the "shoot through" effect out of my vision. Once that is out of the way, my Dominator tunes like any PSE I've had with good threads - easily. If you can possibly get someone to let you shoot their Dominator, go for it and feel any differences for yourself. Personally, I would look for a used Dominator to reduce sticker shock on the investment and go from there.