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December 27th, 2012, 01:57 PM
I am thrilled that Santa left a new PSE Brute-X (70#, Skullworks) under the tree. The bow is awesome -- definitely shoots, and has a fit & finish, above and beyond its price-tag. My wife ordered it for me with the PSE RTS package, which includes loop and peep, Mongoose quiver in Skullworks, Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit, a neoprene PSE wrist sling, and a black PSE Flexxtech "stabilizer."

In hindsight, bare bow may have been a better option than the $100 RTS, as other than the Skullworks quiver and WB rest (both functional, solid items for the time being), I'll be investing in upgrades and finding a good home for the other RTS accessories.

Would really appreciate hearing your suggestions and feedback on a "great bang for the buck" set-up...

1. wrist sling: This one's easy! I'm gonna get a Bling Sling from XForce Girl, who happens to own "Hunt N Shak," an archery shop located 20 miles from me. While the PSE sling looks nice, I'm not a fan of cheapo thin plastic mounts.

2. sight: Although Cabelas advertised the Aries (lighted) sight, my bow happened to arrive with the Gemini sight. It's not a bad sight, per se; however, my 1994 TruGlo sight is simply SO much brighter. I really would like to find a solid-quality ~5 pin sight that will excel in ultra-low-light without breaking the bank. The TruGlo Micro-Brite Five-Pin (e.g., Cabelas Item IK-460187) looks pretty good for $100, which is my budget ceiling. The micro-adjust and tool-less features seem to be huge improvements over what I've been used to. There are so many, many makes and models out there, and I am totally confused -- and I'd be grateful for your first-hand experiences and recommendations.

3. stabilizer/dampener: My primary concern here is noise/vibration dampening (caveat: I've never used any type of stab or dampener, so I'm not sure what to expect), and anything that assists in tightening groups would be a huge plus, of course. The Brute-X with the black rubber Flexxtech stabilizer shoots much quieter than, and is dead in hand compared to, my 1994 Golden Eagle Predator... However, the quality of the included Flexxtech stab is pretty shabby... It consists of simply a low-grade zinc (read: "rust magnet") hex-head bolt inserted into a floppy piece of black rubber. I can gently tug on the rubber and pull it off the bolt very, very easily. Effectiveness aside, the quality is sloppy. Possible replacements: A. Sims 4.5" S-Coil (or X-Coil?); B. Stokerized Edge; C. 8" NAP Apache; D. B-Stinger 10" Sport Hunter Xtreme (pricey for me); E. OTHER????

Other gear:

Arrows: I'll be shooting @ 65# and 29"DL (100gr pt; ...need to be measured for exact arrow length), and want fast, small-diameter, durable shafts (fletched with Blazers or Twisters, which should survive the Whisker Biscuit). Although I've considered the Gold Tip Velocity XT (300), I've always been a strong supporter of Easton, and currently am leaning strongly in favor of the Easton Bloodline (330) -- but also mulling the Easton Flatline (340). THOUGHTS????

Release: It's time to hang up my very-well-used 1994 Cobra Pro Caliber. It's thick and clunky, and with age, I don't really trust it on the new D-loop. Accordingly, I've settled upon the Tru-Fire Hardcore or, preferably, the Tru-Fire Hardcore Max (black), in either case with the forward trigger. I also like TruBall (and, in fact, attended elementary school with the Summers -- a wonderful Christian family); however, most of the TB comparable releases are outside my budget and more difficult to find... THOUGHTS????

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 6th, 2013, 05:12 PM
Bump, bump, bump...

Update: Bought a Black Gold Ascent sight.

Arrows: I am all but sold on Easton Bloodlines (300 to 400 spines). I'd like to buy pre-fletched (which means straight Blazers). Shooting through a Whisker Biscuit, is there any fletching prefs that will impart good spin (e.g., would you opt instead for the Beeman Bone Collecters with Twister Vanes? Do Twisters spin more than straight fletched Blazers??? Does it matter?). I want velocity paired with small diameter penetration (an arrow that will pass thru at 50yds with the minimum drop possible).

Stab: A. Sims 4.5" S-Coil; B. Stokerized Edge; or C. B-Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme???????? Will any of these give noticeable improvement over stock cheapo Flexxtech stab? Mainly only concerned about vibe damp for hunting.

Release: Still mulling TruFire Hardcore Max (forward trigger, preferably) vs. Tru Ball Beast or GX. $100 is more or less my budget here, so, I'll be buying on sale.