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March 30th, 2013, 04:23 PM
I have for trade a homebrew trail camera that was built new this past September by another member here on AT. I traded for this cam here and while this is an awesome camera and very professionally built, it's not the right style for me as I have learned only by using it.

The camera has custom 3D camo, built inside a OtterBox 3000, with pipe through security and has the High Performance Wide Angle Fresnal Lens. The camera inside is the Sony P41 and from what I was told, is a highly sought after camera for building homebrew cams.

This Sony P41 has a 5 wire hack to provide coupling with a Snap Shot Sniper control board, and two wires for a MASSIVE amount of external batteries....2 D cell batteries.

The camera itself it super fast and has an excellent flash range. The control board allows for only two settings.... Field, which will get you a pic about every 2 seconds as long as motion is detected in front of the fresnal...and one minute delay for bait, minerals, etc sites. Also includes a 1gb Memory Stick Pro Duo card attached to a Pro Duo adapter for inside the camera. 2 rechargeable AA's, 2 alkaline D cells and the sensor battery are also included.

The first thing I noticed when the cam arrived is simply just how rugged this thing is built. Seriously this thing is built to last. All you other homebrew fans will love this camera.

I'm looking to trade for a nice bow sight, drop away arrow rest, 3 or 4 finger release or a combination of or all three items. When I originally traded for this camera, I was told it was worth $300+ so that should give an idea as far as value is concerned in terms of trading for stuff. This camera has simply been sitting in my room and is waiting to be used.


March 30th, 2013, 08:15 PM
Sorry, misquote on the price value...$200 plus, not $300. Sorry for any confusion.