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View Full Version : Apple Ipad 2 3G - 64 GIG - AT&T - Wi-Fi/GSM For Sale or Trade

August 22nd, 2013, 10:02 AM
I'm selling a good condition and perfectly funtional Ipad 2 3G. It is model # A1396. This is the 64 gig, AT&T model with Wi-Fi/GSM. Which means you can run it as a Wi-fi only pad or set up service with AT&T. This was a company issued Ipad and was used for approximately 8 months.

Ipad has a blue, flip cover that is removeable. Will come with a wall charger and cable. Ipad has already been restored to factory specs and awaiting to synced and set up just like a new one.

No box or paperwork. I am the original owner.

Asking $400 or will consider trades....what ya got. I could always use arrows. Only interested in CE Blue Streaks 350's. Millinium tree stands, etc. If you are in Oklahoma, I would consider things that go bang...preferrably a 45.

FYI - for all you trail cam can't find a better image collection tool than an ipad with the 30 pin adapter. Slip your SD card into Ipad connector, images download, you can erase the SD card once you've downloaded them, stick card back in camera and off you go. Images are great on the ipad and you can email them right from the device.