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August 23rd, 2013, 01:14 AM
I just paired up my recently new Diamond Ultimate Edge with an HHA Lite Ultra, and couldn't be happier..

Just getting started so I'm shooting 40# @ 26.5" DL .. While choosing the HHA i was searching high and low to see what the slowest tape included with the HHA sight was, wondering if it was going to work for me. Found lots of information about higher speeds, but almost no info on how low the included sight tapes go.

The slowest tape included in the package is a little bit too fast for my current setup. (measured at 202 fps when it was originally setup with a 26" DL)

Not having a tape from HHA is not a big deal though since i was able to measure at 20 and 40 yards on the setup tape and then used Archers Advantage Online to print a custom tape that matched. -- Looking forward to this weekend to verify whether the tape is accurate.

so just FYI in case anyone else is looking for this info -- i'm pretty sure i'll be able to use one of the provided tapes as i get better matched / lighter arrows and work up to 50# in the coming months.

August 28th, 2013, 06:06 PM
As a quick followup -- after shooting for a day, i realized that AA Online only makes tapes for linear sights (and the HHA is a non-linear sight) .. -- there are some threads about this, but i missed them earlier.

so my tape was rather inaccurate .. --

I've recently bumped up the weight on my bow to 46#, so when i setup the sight again i think i'll be able to use on of the provided tapes.