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September 12th, 2013, 06:09 PM
I have choice, plumb, fresh white oak seeds for the following White Oak species...
English Oaks - excellent size from a very prolific tree - oldest English (White Oak) in England estimated 1600 yrs.
Swamp White Oaks - parent tree produces large nuts with prolific production
Burr Oaks - large seed from tree that is a very good producer
White Oak - straight white oak from parent tree producing heavy mast

The prices are as follows:
English Oaks $.20@ plus postage and $3.00 handling
Swamp White Oaks - $.30@ plus postage and $3.00 handling
Burr Oaks - $.25 @ plus postage and $3.00 handling
White Oaks - $.25 @ plus postage and $3.00 handling

I have a limited number of fresh, clean seeds (from carefully selected trees) that should germinate this spring; thought the offer might give folks who want to plant some white oaks a way to obtain some seeds at a relatively low cost. All seeds have been floated for quality test and are currently refrigerated. Call 309-310-8340 if I can help you get a woodlot started.