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View Full Version : Someone should build a homebrew using this camera

October 1st, 2013, 11:10 AM

If not, I'd be interested in doing it, if anyone wants to point me in the right direction. I have no idea how I'd go about turning this into a trail camera.

October 3rd, 2013, 06:59 PM
You can build one using that camera. I had looked at a 500 exr but I did not like the popup flash.

August 5th, 2014, 08:04 AM
Buckshot164 has tons more experience than I do on trail cam building but from what I've found is you can make most any camera into a trail camera. Usually the really good camera choices have fast trigger speed, strong flash, good clear lens. I don't know about this Fuji, but when I've been looking at the newer camera with high MP, usually they have just one of the three characteristics. Which isn't to say it won't make a good trail camera, it depends on your needs. If you want to just take pictures of a pond or a plot and speed isn't an issue. You could make this work with a slave flash. There are people making iPhones into trail cams, so just about anything will get you there, depending on what you want to do with it.

I hope this helps.