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October 11th, 2013, 09:40 AM
All die sets starting at $30 shipped. Can take pictures if needed.

.222 REM FL DIE SET - Part No. 10901 Group A

.300 SAV FL DIE SET - Part No. 15101 Group A

.308 WIN DIE SET - Part No. 15501

.30/06 FL DIE SET - Part No. 14801 Group A

Also one box of each of the following:

Box of Sierra 180 Gr. Spitzer - .308 - $20 shipped
Box of Sierra 50 Gr. Spitzer - .22 cal .224 diam - $20 shipped

I can count the rds if you are interested, take pictures for your and we can adjust the price if need be.

I rarely get on here anymore. email if interested - jakedesnake48 at gmail DOT com