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October 14th, 2013, 10:46 PM
I somehow wound up managing to collect all this over time and I don't even fly fish...!
I would prefer to sell the whole shooting match at once and be done with it. Everything is in excellent condition...

Vintage Fenwick FF70 7' 3oz 5-6 rod with sock and aluminum tube
South Bend Finesse 8' F-675 5-6 rod

Okuma Sierra S 5/6 reel
Vintage Pfluger Medalist 1494 with black box
Orvis Clearwater III 259T-61 reel with box

Harding and Sons padded single fly rod and reel case

Included New, never opened in package - Cortland 333 Pro WF3F yellow rocket taper, long belly floating line; White River 20lb 100 yard white MagiBraid backing; Orvis 6X Tippett, Orvis 6X leader

I am told that this equipment would make a fly fisherman a very happy person...
$300.00 - gets the whole package - everything - lock, stock and barrel... Delivered to your door, insurance included.