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January 4th, 2014, 09:27 PM
What is a reasonable price for a 2011 Razor's Edge in excellent condition with about 300 arrows through it? Say $200... Is it worth paying the extra and getting a new Diamond Infinite Edge, even though the Razor's Edge seems to be a perfect fit?

Anything else comparable that would be a good fit, used?


January 4th, 2014, 09:48 PM

January 5th, 2014, 02:40 PM
You say your Razors Edge "seems to be a perfect fit", then why change? I love my Infinite Edge and definitely not trying to discourage you but a "perfect fit" bow is hard to come by.

January 5th, 2014, 02:43 PM
I would think $200 is on the low side. I had to shop around for a couple months when I bought the razor edge for my wife winter before last. But, maybe more bows in the market that are as versitile as the Razor edge have lowered the resale on your bow. I know I won't be selling mine anytime soon. Great starter bow for my kids in a few more years. Good luck!

January 5th, 2014, 07:48 PM
I got it today for $200. I had wanted the Infinite Edge in Black Ops, but got this one, as the Infinite Edge is $350 plus tax, etc. The Razor's Edge came with a nice Cabela's soft bow case, a release, and I believe a vibration reducer. The only things that are missing are quiver and sight. Since I have a 28" draw and this bow is a 29", I believe it will work nicely. I just have to set it up for 60 lbs., now, though.