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January 5th, 2014, 04:57 AM
I bought my boy an atomic bow, swapped out the rest with a whisker bisque, added a peep, and the rubber finger grips for him, everything else is factory. I really need help sighting in his bow. I am having so much trouble trying to get him sighted in at 10 yards im about to start pulling hair out. yes I do know how to sight in a bow, I did mine with no issues but I just cant seem to get my boys done. he is six and has it set at a 13lb draw weight and can hit tight groups about the diameter of a beer can if not a little bigger, but I just seem to get him sighted on target. every time I seem to make adjustments it seems to get worse. im at a lose. I need help.

wacker stacker
January 5th, 2014, 09:29 AM
Where is the group hitting?

January 5th, 2014, 09:57 PM
we were just shooting and I moved him to five yards and he was hitting high and to the left to I adjusted him to move him right and he was good for line but still about 4-8 inches high so I adjusted it to drop his arrows then he was about an inch or 2 high so I moved him back to ten yards. he shot again then he was low, so again I raised it and he was to high. im starting to think its more him then the bow, but im just not sure. his form make older kids and some adult look bad. so I just don't know.

wacker stacker
January 5th, 2014, 10:08 PM
Sight it in to get it close at ten yards and then just have him shoot multiple groups at ten yards with out adjusting the sight. The bow will shoot cocnsistant. If it doesn't group it is him. Stick at ten yards until you are confident where it is hitting, then adjust it. Depending on how much the poundage is turned down it is not gonna shoot flat enough to be able to use one pin at 5 , 10 ,and 15.

January 5th, 2014, 10:23 PM
Ya Sight in at 10 yards, and let him play with that for a long while, get him good at 10 yards before moving

January 5th, 2014, 10:37 PM
I have had him shooting at 10 yeard for almost 6 weeks now if not longer. that's why im trying to get some help. its shooting at about 95-100 fps at 10 yards. he has 65 grain field points, the 100 grain the shop gave him were way to heavy. but I will take the advice and just stand back and let him shoot with out touching his bow for adjustments. and I guess jest see what happens.

January 16th, 2014, 07:20 PM
so thanks for the responses that I got, wish there was a little more input. but I fixed the issue and it took just a few arrows to sight him in. for those of you curious and I didn't even think of checking, it was his nock point it slipped out of place and didn't even realize it. there was a bit of play in the arrow so it wasn't flying straight every time sorted that out and now hes shooting like a champ. hitting kill shots on his 3D deer every arrow.