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June 24th, 2014, 12:53 AM
Okay, I'm new to bows and fairly ignorant about most issues. I got a Diamond Core bow off from eBay that needs a new string (old string even missing a few inches from one end). Approximately sixteen inches from one end of the string starts some sort of serving that runs for about ten inches and it looks as if the material has a diameter of about 0.0125 From that point there is serving with a much larger diameter that runs for a little over twenty inches...

First question: Is this 0.0125 serving something special? What should I be using?
Second question: What is the purpose of a cylindrical piece of rubber about 7/8" long that surrounds the string about 20 inches from end number two? Do I need this on a new string?

I'm sure hoping one of you guys can help me.