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February 8th, 2006, 09:10 AM
NADA’s go archery!™ goes online!

The new archery training program, go archery!™, developed by the National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA) is now online! NAA or NFAA certified instructors and coaches can visit and learn how to teach beginning archery programs in recreation centers and after-school locations. Instructors can review the materials, measure their knowledge of the materials by taking an on-line test, print out a personalized certificate of completion, then order the instructor guide as well as the color illustrated “Drills & Skills” Student Guides from NADA.

go Archery!™ is the fun way to teach proper shooting form and execution to new archers. It combines proven practice drills (without equipment) along with a series of skills (with equipment) to train new archers fast. Reviewed by top coaches from around the world, go Archery!™ will improve how you teach archery—whether for Olympic competition to 3D, recurve or compound. Archers are rewarded along the way as their form and shot execution improve.

go archery!™ will also teach how to earn a steady income teaching archery though recreation centers. The online course reviews proven marketing methods, program equipment set-ups and class schedules to make it easy for you to approach potential clients with this exciting program.

Visit to learn more. Online course fee is $20 which includes a printed Instructor Guide mailed to you upon completion of the online course. “Drills & Skills” Student Guides are available for $5 each from NADA.


The go archery! ™ Program
The go archery! ™ program was developed to promote archery recreation classes throughout the country. It’s divided into a series of 1 hour classes that can conducted daily, or spread over a series of weeks. To ensure a prosperous growth for the sport of archery, the go archery! ™ program is designed to provide archery instructors with class schedules, and business plans should they choose to facilitate this program in area recreation centers or other portable venues. Either as a volunteer instructor, or as paid facilitator, go archery! can be instrumental in providing a consistent training method for teaching new archers form and execution. Teaching archery can be a very rewarding occupation. The first chapter helps you get a go archery! ™ recreation class started.

The go archery! ™ Instruction Method
go archery! ™ was developed to address the need to find a better way to teach new archers in the United States. Every new archer should learn good foundation skills in their early weeks of training so they could enjoy a lifetime participating in the sport of archery.

Archery is taught in the United States as well as in other successful countries, such as Korea. In Korea, kids who are enrolled in archery programs start by practicing three hours per day, six days per week. For the first three to six months they don’t even shoot a bow. They only go through the motions, or drills. The kids learn to shoot first without a bow, and then slowly work in to shooting arrows only after they have perfected the drills.

In the United States, we tend take the other extreme. To keep the kids interested and attract them to the sport of archery, we put a bow in their hands right away and get them shooting as quickly as possible. There are not very many kids in the United States that would stick with archery if they had to go through the Korean system. There are just too many other sports or activities competing for their time.

The go archery! ™ method of instruction utilizes proven Korean methods merged with American reality. We offer the drills and skills for archers to learn and practice at home. Those that are really interested in learning proper shooting technique will now have the tools to learn proper shooting form if they want to put in the effort.

go archery! ™ puts a strong emphasis on keeping the student focused on their form and the process of shooting the shot, rather than the outcome and score. It is important to repeat this to your students as they progress, especially when you first put up a target face or introduce an aiming method. This focus on form and execution can help them enjoy a lifelong career in the sport of archery, regardless of which style of the sport they may follow.

go archery! ™ Drills and Skills
The foundation of the go archery! ™ program is the Drills & Skills booklet. This booklet is intended as a handout or student manual for everyone in your recreation classes. It contains their sign-off sheet so they can be rewarded as they progress through the each drill and skill. Each page contains a detailed description of the drill or skill to be learned, along with colorful photos showing the correct technique. Every student knows what is expected of them before the drill or skill can be signed off as accomplished.

The go archery! ™ curriculum is designed to provide better instruction for those who are new to the sport of archery. The Drills & Skills are taught in a progression so students learn proper shooting technique before bad habits are learned. The go archery! ™ lessons plans help the instructor introduce each shooting drill and skill in an organized format. Each class also follows a similar format, creating good practice habits for your new archery students. Chapter 6 discusses these plans in detail.

Another great feature of the go archery! ™ method is accountability. The signing off on the successful learning and mastering of shooting drills and skills makes the Instructor accountable to the archer and the archer accountable to the instructor. The drills and skills must be learned correctly before the students can be signed off. As the instructor, it is important that you make sure the student has learned or mastered these skills before you sign off in their book. They must perform the drills or skills perfectly and consistently. This way they will know when the need to continue working on the drill or skill and what they need to do to accomplish the task. Chapter 9 explains each drill and skill along with information on how to teach and evaluate the skills.

go archery!™ is a trademark of NADA. For further program information, or questions about the website, contact NADA.

February 8th, 2006, 11:13 AM
I had the pleasure of reviewing Go Archery in it's early stages and after reading it I felt that NADA has hit a home run in archery instruction. It is user friendly and we now will have a step by step process to advance archery students other than by score. I have felt for a long time that we needed a way to teach and evaluate form and execution and Go Archery is a leap in that direction. I highly reccomend this program for clubs, camps and individuals who want a path to proper archery instruction.

Bob Romero

L Sinclair
February 8th, 2006, 12:33 PM
I was provided a copy of the booklet for the archers to keep track of their skills, improvement, and the mastering of those skills. It is an EXCELLENT booklet and as a founder of a JOAD program, I am excited that this is in print. JOAD clubs everywhere will benefit from this program. IMO, it enhances the JOAD club by providing the coaches an easy way to keep track of their skills and needs, and giving the archers something to hang on to as they go through the drills required to become a good archer.

The booklet is excellent quality, full color pictures, great explanations and and area for each archer to keep track of their achievements. At $5 each, it is an excellent value.

Thanks NADA! I'm impressed!

Lorretta Sinclair