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February 24th, 2006, 11:37 AM
The 10th Nimes European Archery Tournament will be on January 26-27-28, 2007.

Tournament official web site : http://perso.wanadoo.fr/arcclubdenimes/euroIndex.htm

More information to follow soon :cool:

February 26th, 2006, 05:25 PM
Some words from the Tournament Director :

In the name of the team of organization of the Tournament, I want to thank all the archers and the Net surfers who took part physically or virtually in this event.

We, like you, are a group of passionates of archery and we try each year to organize an event which is a festival of the archery for all, from the simple passionate to great champions.

Together, we made this 2006 edition an enormous festival of archery. We showed the vitality and the force of our sport. I am conscious of the imperfections and the improvements to be brought. I thank you for all the positive criticisms carried by your messages.

For "NIMES 2007" (January 26th, 27th and 28th 2007) we will have at our disposal the "Palais des Sports" and the "Parc des Expositions". These structures are well fitted for such an event and will allow us to solve some imperfections :

* Comfort for the archers and spectators
* Better view during the finales
* Better acoustic
* Training range

We are already working on the 2007 schedule, our goal is to offer you a smoother course of events. Thus we will be able to offer more time for training and allow everyone, archer and spectator to fully enjoy the tournament. We also want to improve information and posting for everyone.

Finally I want to thanks all our sponsor, more specifically the archery companies on our side from the beginning of this adventure. Without their support nothing would be possible.

2007 will be the 10th anniversary of the tournament, I promise you some surprise worthy of your passion and your fidelity.


July 16th, 2006, 03:11 PM
Registration will start on September 25, 2006.

Prize money will be at least 46,000 euros (senior tournament) and 16,000 euros (youth tournaments).

Official web site for contact information : http://perso.orange.fr/arcclubdenimes/euroIndex.htm

September 9th, 2006, 05:44 PM
A note about RyanAir : RyanAir does not accept to carry weapons, and it seems that their current policy is to classify bows as weapons, please verify this before booking.

Transportation to Nimes - Nimes-Garon airport :
Nimes-Garon (located less than 15mn by car from the venue and hotels) is a small airport where at the moment only Ryan Air (low cost company) arrives and only from some few airports located around some European capitals. Taxis and car rentals available.
http://www.ryanair.com/ and tttp://www.nimes.cci.fr/page.php?page=216 (http://www.nimes.cci.fr/page.php?page=216) (the airport web site is in French language only).

Transportation to Nimes - Montpellier Mediterranee airport :
Montpellier-Mediterranee (http://www.montpellier.aeroport.fr/layer_en.asp?nav=0_0_0) (located 45km south-west from Nimes) is a continental airport with connections to European capitals. Taxis (very expensive between the airport and Nimes) and car rentals available.
The travel by car to the venue and hotels is not difficult : the airport is about 2km from the A9 highway "Montpellier Est" entrance and the venue and hotels are near the A9 highway "Nimes-Centre" exit.
There is also a shuttle service between Montpellier airport and Montpellier station, check the airport website (http://www.montpellier.aeroport.fr/layer_en.asp?nav=6_1_3). Note that during line 2 tramway's work the shuttle stops downtown Montpellier at Leon Blum's stop, located 3 stops before Montpellier station on tramway line 1 (map (http://pyxis.montpellier-agglo.com/tam/upload/tramway.pdf)).

Transportation to Nimes - Marseille-Provence airport :
Marseille-Provence (http://www.mrsairport.com/eng/index.jsp) (located 150Km south-east from Nimes) is an international airport. Car rentals available.
Trafic jams around Marseille can - sometimes - be a issue.
Travel by car from the airport to the venue and hotels (same highway exit than for the travel from Montpellier airport to Nimes).

Transportation to Nimes - train from Charles de Gaule airport :
There is a TGV station (High Speed Train) in Charles de Gaule International airport north-east of Paris. The access to the TGV station is located at Charles de Gaule Terminal 2 (http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/Adp/en-GB/Passagers/Arrivees/QuitterAeroport/EnCarEtTrain/). If you decide to arrive at Terminal 1 be aware that the delay to go to Terminal 2 can be important (about 1 hour).
There are a few daily direct connections between the airport and Nimes. A direct connection is about 3:30 hour. For TGV reservation is mandatory. All information available on the English language SNCF web site (http://www.voyages-sncf.com/dynamic/_SvHomePage?_DLG=SvHomePage&_CMD=cmdHomepageUK&WB=HP). Departure station is AEROPORT CDG 2 TGV, arrival station is NIMES.
Restrictions for some foreign countries (USA included) :
The SNCF does not allow some foreign countries citizens to receive their train ticket and reservation at their home because of some deals with local companies. The problem with these companies is about the mandatory reservation : they won't be able to get it and many people use the TGV in France so you should have no seat available when you ask for a reservation at the TGV station.
However, it is possible to buy online on their web site with most of the credit cards available nowardays. You then receive an AR with your order details and a personnal code at your e-mail address. At your arrival at the TGV station you take your TGV ticket and reservation with the credit card you used to pay online and your personnal code.
Choose TGV tickets that can be refunded, otherwise the payment from those countries won't be possible.
All the above information is detailed on the SNCF web site.
Arrival in Nimes :
Car rental and taxi at/near the station.
Venue and hotels are about 10mn from the station if no trafic jam.
The tourney shuttle uses also to go to the station on Friday before the tourney and on Sunday evening after the tourney. Check the tourney registration form when it will be available online if you plane to use it when you arrive at Nimes station.

October 5th, 2006, 05:18 PM
A note about Marseille-Provence airport :
If you prefer to travel from Marseille to Nīmes by train, there is a shuttle service between the airpoirt and Marseille Saint Charles station. Information available here (http://www.mrsairport.com/eng/acces/acces_bus.jsp).

A note about the tourney website :
The 2007 tourney web site has been transfered to a subcontractor (at the moment only an online registering website with some lack on information), its URL is available from the ACDN web site main page : http://www.arcclubdenimes.com
If you use it intead of sending a fax or an e-mail to the ACDN, please note that the shuttle price is for the all week end so specify only 1 shuttle per archer (bad copy/paste of last year registration form I think).

Tourney program :
Now available on the ACDN web site main page ("La plaquette format pdf" link).
I will post information about the tourney hotels later.

October 7th, 2006, 05:19 AM
Those who will click on the "La plaquette format pdf" link will find a warning in French about the Youths program.

For those how don't read French, it says that there is an error on page 6 (Youths program) : the 16 best scores will qualify for the finals, not the 32 best scores.

October 27th, 2006, 05:13 PM
Merci, doume, its great to have that info for the people who cant speak french.

great job, thanks again.

Madrid, Spain

November 14th, 2006, 01:37 PM
You're welcome Francisco.

This following list was established according to hotels phone and fax numbers available in the 2007 official program.
Do not forget to ask if they have special rates for the archers who will attend the tourney, for a week end stay or for a sporting event stay.

Hotels with tourney shuttle service :
Nimotel official web site (http://www.nimotel.com/en/index.php)
Ibis Nimes Ouest official web site (http://www.ibishotel.com/ibis/fichehotel/gb/ibi/0629/fiche_hotel.shtml)
Kyriad Nimes Ouest official web site (http://www.kyriad.fr/shell.php??l=en&city=nimes&country=FRA&doarrival=dd%2Fmm%2Fyyyy&dodepart=dd%2Fmm%2Fyyyy&adults=1&x=0&y=0&a=1&l=en&h=FRA22432)
Balladins official web site (http://www.balladinsbooking.fr/hotel.asp?HOT_N_ID=74&LANGUE=UK&ref=)
Campanile Mas Carbonnel official web site (http://www.campanile.fr/shell.php??l=en&city=nimes&country=FRA&doarrival=jj%2Fmm%2Faaaa&dodepart=jj%2Fmm%2Faaaa&adults=1&x=0&y=0&a=1&l=en&h=FRA22035)
Holiday Inn official web site (http://www.holidayinn-nimes.com/index_en.htm)
Mercure Nimes Ouest official web site (http://www.accorhotels.com/accorhotels/fichehotel/gb/mer/0558/fiche_hotel.shtml)

Hotels without tourney shuttle service (fast access to the venue) :
Hotel de France official web site (http://www.hotel-restaurant-de-france.com/index-gb.htm)
Fasthotel official web site (http://www.fasthotel.com/uk/fiches_hotel/nimes.shtml)

November 24th, 2006, 03:08 PM
News from the organization.

Today 668 archers have already registered.

They represent 14 nations :
The Netherlands
South Korea
United States of America

To be confirmed : Israel and Morocco

November 26th, 2006, 05:10 PM
http://perso.orange.fr/arcclubdenimes/air%20france%20reduc%20anglais .htm

This new page available from the ACDN web site main page (click on the tourney poster) gives new information about air travel : special rates by AIR FRANCE for the 2007 Nimes tourney, and at the bottom of the page information about the shuttle service the ACDN has organized from/to Montpellier airport.

PS: this page will perhaps move to the tourney registration web site, if it happens just click on the dedicated link from the ACDN web site main page.

December 20th, 2006, 03:13 PM
Last official number : 949 archers have already registered for this 10th edition of the biggest FITA indoor international tourney held in Europe ... better than last year registrations at the same date :RockOn:.
Two more nations will attend this tourney : Iceland and Japan.

As we use to say in France those who where not there where wrong ;)


January 4th, 2007, 07:30 AM
Contingency money already announced by Samick and Easton.

And for those who won't attend the tournament an event-driven web site is now online. French and English languages.
http://placedusport2.com/nimes2007/bannieres/nimes2007-banniere-petit.jpg (http://placedusport2.com/nimes2007/index.php/EN/)

January 6th, 2007, 03:34 AM
Bon Jour, Doume!

Nimes, Can you tell me who come from Japan?
Just curious.. Yamamoto maybe?

It will be a great tournament!

Francisco / bm Espagne -Spain- Espania

January 8th, 2007, 01:57 PM
Bonjour Francisco

At the moment only the organization members know who will be there.
I presume that like last year the complete archers list won't be available before the registration is closed. Be patient ;)


January 15th, 2007, 05:47 PM
The list of most of the registered archers on January 12 is now online at placedusport2.com/nimes2007/ (http://placedusport2.com/nimes2007/).

Please note that registrations are still being processed by the ACDN so this list is not up to date.


February 3rd, 2007, 04:54 AM
For those who read French, the all Midi Libre press review is now online at http://placedusport2.com/nimes2007/fichiers.php/EN/2

Note that according the this press review part of the tournament will be aired on Sport+ TV in March, I'll post information when available.