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April 6th, 2006, 03:19 PM
OKay so its about 2 1/2 weeks before turkey season here. The private land we hunt is 2 hours away... so I decided to hunt some public land. So I set out at 5am this morning after I got off work and headed up there. Last year on this public land they were doing some kinda contrustion on one ridge road. Well.... I got there last night, and nearly every ridge road has been leveled and cleared and gas wells built . Which isnt bad.. i guess... but then right at 7am trucks started running all over the place :(

But back to the story... So i was scouting... I got on the ridge I wanted to be on just before 6:30am, sunrise was at 7:05. You can just start to see the colors of dawn, when i walk to withen 20 yards of this turkey and takes off flying, nearly scares me to death. And I thought that was weird cause it was already on the ground. But I marked that spot on my GPS and continued walking this road listening. and hitting my primos camp owl every 1/4-1/2 mile.

I was starting to get depressed cause I hadn't heard any turkeys and it was about 15 minutes before sunrise and pretty light outside. When I got to this one spot and I heard a gobble im guessing 150-200 yards away down hill. So I sat there, marked the spot on my gps, and i heard 2 more toms gobbling from the same direction but farther away. Which, when i compared it to my GPS, those gobblers look to be right below that spot i jumped up that turkey. I was thinking about walking downhill to see if i could get a better fix on em, but decided to just listen, and next time walk the point on the other side where I am hearing these turkeys. but from this one spot, i heard like 7 turkeys, the other 3 or 4where pretty far off. I walked like 1/4 mile up the road and there was on close.. maybe 100 yards down from me.

I had a few trucks pass me, it didnt stop the turkeys from gobbling, and started walking out for the day, and heard tons ofgobbles on the way out. I dont think the outdoor channel could have recorded as many as toms as i heard today.

but how should i try to patern these birds that i stopped and listened too. im pretty sure the one was half way down hill from me, and the other two on the opposite hill side. im thinking of my next visit walking the top of that hillside. sound good? or do you have any recommendations for me? lol...

thanks for reading,,, this was myfirst time turkey scouting and that first gobble had me wishing I had a gun in hand :P

April 6th, 2006, 03:32 PM
Stay with them after they come off the roost. At least within hearing distance. If you can follow them by sound and maybe using binoculars from a distance you'll get a glimpse of them.

You now know they are in the area and where they like to roost. Next thing is to pin down their direction of travel AFTER they leave the roost. They typically will travel in a certain direction every day after they hit the ground, this direction will lead you to their "strut zone" where the Tom has chosen to display for the ladies. You want to pattern their direction of travel....always easier to call them in the direction they are used to traveling.

Don't be discouraged if your attempts at Owl hooting fail to get a response. Many wary old Tom's can be immune to shock Gobbling, especially if fooled a time or two before. Some get tight lipped after getting their butt kicked a time or two by more dominant Toms even tho they themselves are nice birds.

Keep us posted & good luck. Remember the pictures when it all comes together.

April 6th, 2006, 03:41 PM
Yeah these birds i am focusing on stopped gobbling about 10 minutes after i set down.. so im thinking either they have hens or are the shy type.

Like i said next time i am wanting to walk out the point that run right across from were i was this morning. I think that would get me closer to them, and be able to locate em easier. but i was also thinking about wlaking the creek up so far then stopping and listneing. Does that sound good? or too much intrusion into their area?

Oh believe me,,, i wil definantly have pics of myfirst turkey,, assuming i get one. the way it looks now i have pretty good odds. I would like to have someone video it,, but idk if theyd be willing to go with me :(

thanks for the reply :)

April 6th, 2006, 05:54 PM
The only way you could be an intrusion is if you really visually spook them. Remember they can't smell you like a Deer and go nocturnal so unless you really get close to them and spook them you should be safe.

If they shut up soon after fly down your right,..good chance their henned up. If your close enough before they fly down you may be able to hear the Hen's talking as well before they fly down. Blow a crow call after daylight, they MAY shock gobble to this.
Wear camo and proceed as if you were "still hunting" them. Slowly and stop next to trees to look and listen. If you hapen to encounter them close up hide, lay down whatever until they pass.

Turkeys are very cautious and nervous by nature so they are spooked constantly day after day by many things. Provided you don't really spook them you should be fine.
There's been times I've gone into an area fully knowing someone missed a particular Tom recently with a shotgun and found the Tom was back to his territory and although very skittish often found them workable using the right approach.