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September 19th, 2003, 12:47 PM
So- what do you get when you don't pay attention? Last night I decided to check out a patch of woods on a farm that no one has hunted in YEARS. It's only 2 or 3 acres of hardwoods surrounded by beans and corn. Sounds good right? But there's no good way to approach it without being seen or smelled, and no one thought there were many deer out there anyway. Being a sucker for a challenge I decided to check it out and maybe find a good spot to set a stand.

I cut through corn standing about 10 feet tall, (literally), hit the bean field (about waist high) and approach the woods. I'm thinking that a deer could just about walk in the beans without being seen from the road. I'm also thinking that the woods doesn't look all that wonderful because you can just about see all the way through the woods to the other side. About that time I see a brown spot in front of me just before the woods. You guessed it, a deer. As it's dawning on me that it's a deer, I start to kneel down and it starts to raise it's head- a head that sports one NICE rack. A rack that looks to be a 9 point with at least a 19 inch spread.

Did I approach the woods quietly? No. Was I ready to see him? No. Did I have my camera with me? No. Am I stupid? YES!

DOAH! BUSTED! Here I am 30 yards away from this buck, he "thinks" he sees something, and starts jerking his head up and down. All I can see are all those points. He lets me look for about a minute but knows I'm there, what happens next? Yup, the old white flag waving SEE-YA... WOULDN'T WANT TO BE YA!

I check the woods out, and there is lots of activity and rubs. Unfortunately I don't want to stay too long and I walk out the same way and I look about a half a mile to the West and I see him making tracks for the next woods about a mile away. Busted twice.

Now, here's the question. How do I get a look at him with bow in hand? First, he was on the North side and wind prodominantly blows from the North West. Nothing but the bean field to the South and East. You can just about see from one end to the other in the woods. Worst yet, this "woods" has hardwood trees but nothing much over a foot in diameter and very little cover other than up too high. October 1st starts bow season, and I can still hunt this up to November 15th, I just have to figure out how.

See what not paying attention gets you?