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July 24th, 2006, 06:37 PM
Check out the sticky in the general forum "archer in need".... Drydens sporting goods is having a raffle to help chris roland get a new wheelchair and they have all kinds of new items donated for this...including a new Bow!!! here are some of the items....

martin has donated a quest bow
sword has donated a set of sights
carter has donated a quickie release
carbon express has donated two six packs of arrows
gold tip has donater a dozen arrows
12 ring has donated 5 quick disconnect for stabilizers
papes is sending in a box full of items
scott archery is going to help
everyday i will be adding items to this list,
frymans taxidermy is donating a free shoulder mount
drydens sporting goods has donated a dozen pse radical wave pro shafts
mitch mattox has donated a brand new scott longhorn