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February 22nd, 2007, 08:59 PM
The Ideal Grip
By Beretta 16

One of the common problems archers have is torquing their bow. Torquing a bow can lead to many problems ranging from missed shots, bad tuning, and inconsistencies in form. Like most things in archery, consistency is everything in your grip.

To get a proper, consistent grip you want the bow to rest on the pad of your thumb, not in the groove of your hand. The pad of your thumb has fewer tendons and allows you to have your bow grip placed in the same position every time. Your hand should be as close to the shelf of your bow as comfort allows.

Ideally when shooting, your bow should be aligned vertically. With the grip on the pad of your thumb, your fingers should be curled naturally at a 45-degree angle to the riser. Check the picture below. By not having your fingers wrapped around the bow, you are able to shoot without having your fingers jerking the bow after the release, sending the arrow off path.

If you find yourself grabbing for the bow after the shot, use a wrist-strap or finger-sling to prevent the bow from leaving your hand.

Here is a picture of how your grip should look. Notice that the hand is relaxed and how the finger tips naturally curl in front of the bow.

Finding the perfect hand position takes time. Experiment and follow these basic guidelines and you will be on your way to higher scores.