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May 1st, 2007, 08:14 PM
We promised the 4-year old we'd take him fishing today, so I rig up an old "cottage rod" that has an ancient Mitchell 300 and at least 10-year-old line on it, figuring that at best we'll get a sunfish or rock bass or something like that, and if he drops the thing in the water I won't care, and we drive down to the river. Now, this is in Oakville, Ontario, just west of Toronto, right in the middle of about 4 million people, in a river draining into Lake Ontario, lots of boat traffic, in the middle of a city, well, the water is brown and weedy, floating crap, coffee cups - you know, nice typical city water. There's even a dead seagull. I'm thinking, maybe a carp might survive in this, but not much else.

I stick on a big plastic bobber, and a worm on a hook, and toss it in the water. The little guy holds the rod for a few minutes and, being 4, his attention span wanders, so he puts down the rod and we all go off playing tag and exploring. Suddenly, a huge splash. The bobber's gone, so I rush back, grab the rod, set the hook and man, if it doesn't end up being the nicest 2 foot long rainbow trout...

It makes a couple of runs, and I let him hold the rod for a few moments, and then we manage to get it to the side of the river, but before we can get the camera out, the line snaps (of course).

So much for being prepared....respooling with new line tonight and I'm bringing the good tackle next time.

(Oh, and yes, I knew there were rainbows and salmon in these rivers, but I figured once they got into the rivers from the lake they did the fish equivalent of holding their noses until they got way upstream away from the pollution... :) )